Creed II pulls in fans of the original “Rocky” series

Bradford Kemper '21, Staff Writer

The movie follows Udonis Creed, son of the boxer Apollo Creed from the original Rocky movies. This continues the story from the original Creed. The movie begins with Creed preparing for the world heavyweight championship, with Creed ending up winning the fight. After Creed is crowned the heavyweight championship, he gets a challenge from Russian fighter Viktor Drago.

Throughout the movie, the storyline of the relationship between the Creed and Drago families are shown. It builds off Rocky 4, in which Apollo Creed, father of Udonis Creed, is tragically killed after the bell by Ivan Drago, the father of Viktor Drago, who is challenging Udonis Creed’s title.

The storyline of the Dragos continued from Rocky 4 was that they were outcasted by society for him losing to Rocky Balboa, in Russia, for a payback match. Ivan had trained Viktor his entire life to fight, living in poverty in Russia, and one of the storylines of the film is that Viktor has no emotions.

The fight finally comes to fruition, and in the fight Viktor Drago dominates Udonis Creed. After the bell rings however, Drago lands a vicious punch on Adonis Creed, which hospitalizes him. Due to this punch however, Drago, even though he was winning the fight, was disqualified for the late hit. This meant that Creed would defend his title, no matter how bad  he lost.

The after affect of the fight shows a broken Creed, both mentally and physically. his part of the movie is one of the best because it shows the mental challenges that Creed has gone through. He has practically shut Balboa out of his life after he had refused to train Creed for the first fight vs. Drago.

Drago had asked for a rematch versus Creed, and Creed accepts the challenge. Balboa agrees to train rocky for the fight, with Balboa and Rocky traveling to the middle of the desert with amateur and coming up boxers to train.

The training ends up paying off, with in the rematch with Drago, we see a totally reinvigorated Creed, with him landing blows to Drago that he could not match. The speed of Creed outdueled the physical demeanor of Drago, as he was able to out maneuver his powerful blows. The fight ends with Ivan Drago throwing in the flag to end the fight, with the scene after giving you some sympathy for Ivan and Viktor Drago.

An element that the movie really excelled in was the fight scenes. With every punch, you could feel the suspense of the fight, and in every big hit, you could sometimes hear an OOO from the other people in the theatre

The movie overall was a good watch, and being a fan of the original Rocky series, it was nice seeing a familiar face in Balboa being in the movie. Overall, I rate the movie 4.5/5.