Rusted Crow unveils a new beginning for Detroit

Rusted Crow restaurant in Detroit serves up a unique atmosphere.

Lauren Nemah '20

Rusted Crow restaurant in Detroit serves up a unique atmosphere.

Lauren Nemeh '20, Page Editor

With Detroit currently in its rebuilding stage, the city is gaining new restaurants left and right. Located in Foxtown on W Adams Ave. Rusted Crow does not disappoint.

The recently opened restaurant presents a welcoming atmosphere with its rustic design incorporated throughout. Rusted Crow definitely brings a new feel to Detroit with no other restaurant like this.

With its vast menu there are options for everyone. Rusted Crow’s menu serves burgers in every which way, including the most unique called the PBJ, containing brie cheese, brussels sprouts, peanut butter vinaigrette, fig & bacon, and marmalade, a pretty strange combination in my opinion. Aside from the burgers, the menu offers variety in seafood, chicken, and beef.

To begin my experience at the Rusted Crow, I started with a few  appetizers. I ordered the calamari, served with caper aioli and “crows blood,” as well as the tenderloin tips served over portobello fries topped with zip sauce. The “crows blood” sauce containing horseradish really spiced up the calamari. The tenderloin tips were my favorite part of the meal, the tenderloin tips melted in your mouth and the zip sauce gave your taste buds an extra boost, along with the portobello fries lying beneath soaking in the zip sauce from the tenderloin tips.

After the appetizers, for my entree I decided to try one of their seafood options and ordered the scallops, which included pan seared scallops in a white wine compound butter along with julienned collard greens and a cauliflower risotto. The scallops were cooked perfectly,  the collard greens and cauliflower risotto added a nice touch of flavor to the dish.

Overall, my experience at Rusted Crow was quite memorable due to its lively atmosphere, in addition to its appetizing and creative entrees. I would rate this restaurant a 5/5 because of its rustic surroundings, attentive staff, and reasonably priced dishes. In the future, I would definitely come back to the Rusted Crow and recommend it to anyone eager to see a new side of Detroit.