No Pulitzer Prize necessary to join new Writing Club

Victoria Gardey '20, Web Editor

Graphic by Eva McCord ’21

No Pulitzer Prize is necessary to join South’s newest student group, the Writing club.

Club president and founder Trinity McClinton ’20 started the club this year as a way to fill a void in South’s nonfiction writing.

“I personally really love writing,” McClinton said. “I knew that there was a poetry club run by Mr. Campion, but I wanted something that was structured less around poetry, and more around nonfiction writing because that’s what I really enjoy.”

The club meets Thursdays directly after school in room 244, advisor Ericka Henk’s room.

“We start the meetings by running through the basics, and then we read what we wrote based off the previous weeks’ prompt,” McClinton said. “I have a slideshow set up and then each week there are several prompts to choose from for the next week, even though it’s called writing club, we don’t really write in the club, we focus more on reading to each other and discussing our writings during meetings.”

Katie Alltop ’20 joined Writing Club because she thought it would be a fun way to explore her ideas.

“I am most looking forward to hearing how others interpret the prompts,” Alltop said. “ I hope to gain a creative outlet from joining the club.”

Henk said she serves as an adult presence during meetings, but takes more of a bystander role.

“I think the coolest part is that I get to listen to what all the students write,” Henk said.

According to McClinton, the club will focus more on meetings, and less on fundraising or larger activities.

“It’s more for the kids in the club than the collective of the school,” McClinton said. “It’s kind of a niche.”

Henk said there were nine students at the last meeting, but she would love to see more join.

“(Someone should join) because it’s fun to write,” Henk said. “It’s a great camaraderie. You can also get some feedback about your writing and you can write whatever you like, fiction or nonfiction.”