Lumen serves up a tasty, comfortable and chic experience


Hope Whitney '21

Lumen's impressive outdoor patio serves up a great experience.

Hope Whitney '21, Page Editor

From its bold architecture to its chic design, Lumen has everything to make your experience enjoyable. The restaurant, located in Beacon Park, Detroit, opened on May 27. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, along with a savvy rooftop opened in the summer months.

My favorite part of the restaurant was how open and airy the atmosphere was. No one wants to be eating in a dark and stuffy restaurant, and Lumen makes sure nobody does.

The inside of the restaurant is a lovely combination of clean, stylish and trendy. With its light and comfortable atmosphere, the time spent sitting waiting for the food is just as enjoyable as eating it. Sitting outside seemed just as nice and sitting inside, the restaurant offers a cozy outdoor seating with tables, or around a warm fire.

No one can go wrong while choosing what to eat at Lumen and there will always be something even the pickiest eaters will want. They offer a wide variety of food, from hot pretzels to a caesar salad, to steak and more.

While dining at Lumen, I ordered a simple caesar salad and was very impressed. The wait for my meal was not long, and the service was great. When the salad came, I could immediately tell it would taste good. it was good. The lettuce was fresh and the dressing was just right. To top it off, the salad came with delicious bread crisps on the side to complement the salad.

Another great thing about Lumen was the service. I was greeted by a smiling hostess and served  by a nice waiter. The waiters checked in just the right amount of times- not too much to as to where it’s annoying, and not too little as to where I was left waiting.

From its perfect atmosphere, to its good service and tasty food, eating at Lumen is something that I highly recommend for everyone.