Comparing albums: Logic’s YSIV vs Lil Wayne’s Carter V

Comparing albums: Logic's YSIV vs Lil Wayne's Carter V

Zach Heimbuch '19, Tower Radio

Following the releases of hit rap albums from Travis Scott, Kanye West and Eminem, both Lil Wayne and Logic had a lot of pressure to keep up the streak. Wayne’s album, “Carter V” and Logic’s “YSIV” were released to all platforms on Sept. 28, 2018. While the two albums had their own great songs, Lil Wayne’s extra experience and knowledge within the music business proved his work to be on top.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Logic’s music, as most of his songs never truly grip me, but I still give him a chance with every new release. In this new album, the song that most stood out to me was “One Day”, featuring Ryan Tedder. Both the underlying beat and gripping lyrics had me sold. Although this song was very well-made, in my opinion, that doesn’t mean the rest of the album was.

The rest of “YSIV”, or Young Sinatra IV, was average at best. The tracks had poorly-produced beats combined with a lack of “lyrical genius”. Of course, I will continue to keep my hopes up for Logic’s future, as I know that he’s still young and learning, unlike his album competitor, Lil Wayne.

“Carter V” breaks the three-year absence for Lil Wayne’s albums, and it definitely hits with the same excellence that I’ve come to expect from the hardened rapper. My favorite song in the album, “Mona Lisa”, featuring Kendrick Lamar, is host to one of Lil Wayne’s best performances yet. The monotone beat combined with fast-paced, emotional, lyrics provided me with a song that can be listened to and replayed. Kendrick’s verse in the song was also well executed. The fast-rap style used throughout the song seemed a lot like Eminem’s music, but that’s definitely not a bad thing.

While Logic’s album wasn’t terrible, it definitely meets the same tier that Lil Wayne’s did. “Carter V” was simply better. The beats, lyrics and vocals all seemed to be more well done. Not to mention, Lil Wayne was able to pull this off with almost twice as many songs in his album, compared to Logic’s. As I said earlier, I will continue to keep positive hopes towards Logic, as I know he has the ability to make great songs like Lil Wayne. He’s done it before, so I don’t doubt he could do it again in the future.