VIDEO: Lime electric scooter review

Video by Reis Dempsey, Bella Craparotta and Ally MacLeod, all '19.

Reis Dempsey '19, Bella Craparotta '19, and Ally MacLeod '19.

A fast, easy, trendy new form of transportation- the Lime Scooter. These scooters are the ultimate way to ride around town. With a 20 mph maximum speed, an in-app battery monitoring and 20-plus mile maximum range, these inexpensive and accessible scooters are easy to locate and purchase via the integrated Lime app. After purchasing the app, it displays the charged scooters in proximity to the phone.  The scooters cost one dollar to unlock and an additional 15 cents each minute to ride.

The scooters were extremely fun to ride and had many great perks such as the back brake, the speed presented on the scooter itself and the app’s monitoring abilities. With more cities and college campuses using the scooters, its easy to find and use a Lime. However, with these accessible scooters, there are some safety precautions riders need to take.

When riding the scooter, I recommend a helmet, especially if one lacks experience. These rides can be scary and unsafe, particularly when riding near potholes or in the rain. They are not for stunts and one must be 18 years or older to purchase and ride.