Our view: Don’t let school spirit burn out


Graphic by Eva McCord ’21.

Tower Editorial Board

We love South.

Despite all of our differences, all of our distinct backgrounds, all of our unique perspectives, the students at Grosse Pointe South have one uniting factor: we are Blue Devils. While this week is full of competition between the classes, we at The Tower believe it’s a chance to recognize our likeness. We believe that there are more things that bring us together rather than separate us. We believe that homecoming week gives us a chance to have pride in our school.

Whether you come to school at 8 a.m. and leave at 3:05 p.m. or are involved in every extracurricular and sport South has to offer, we have all gained something from this school. Outside of the academics, the various electives and challenging Advanced Placement classes, South is a place where we have been given the tools to grow. We have met new people, pushed out of our comfort zones and changed as people.

This year, more than ever, we at The Tower have recognized many changes. We’ve had changes in staff, changes in passing time and changes in attendance strictness. While we do not agree with some of the changes, we believe it is important to be proud to be a part of the school and represent it well. Everyone at this school, from the student body to administration, from the maintenance workers to teachers, all of us hasve theirour own idea of what Grosse Pointe South should be, and we want to see it come to fruition. We just have different ideas of what that means.

There are little things every day we can do to show our pride for South. If you see garbage on the ground, pick it up. When you’re entering the building and a student is behind you, hold the door open. If a club you’re a part of is holding a meeting but it is before school, wake up for it. We are only in high school for four years– why not make the most of it?

According to an Instagram poll from @thetowerpulse, only 69 percent of students said that having school spirit is important to them. During homecoming season we are given the opportunity to bleed blue and gold. We are given the chance to represent the school. We are given the option to connect with each other and become what we want for the future of South. We, the student body, makes South what it is, not five minute passing time or administration.

Here at The Tower, we say do it. Go out and attend your float parties. Dress up in school colors for unity day. Cheer on your class during the pep assembly. Be a part of the parade. Attend the homecoming game. Go to the homecoming dance. Make Grosse Pointe South the place you want it to be.