South swim team hopes to “make a splash” at upcoming meet

Matthew Kornmeier '21, Staff Writer

Tomorrow, September 18, the Girls Swim Team will take on Eisenhower High School in their second dual meet of the season looking to continue an undefeated record for this year.

According to Head coach John Fodell, the team has gotten off to a good start so far this season.

“We have only swam in one relay meet, and we won the relay meet,” Fodell said.

According to Fodell, being unified as a team is a key component for the girls to win against Eisenhower in their meet tomorrow.

“A lot of swimming is across the board,” Fodell said. “It’s not necessarily that you have to win one specific event, but you have to have everyone step up and swim well.”

Team member Lily Bates ’21, agrees that being unified as a team and showing strength across the board is important for the team to beat Eisenhower tomorrow.

The swim team tackles Eisenhower High School tomorrow, September 18.
Photo By Matthew Kornmeier ’21

“All the events are all important for different reasons,” Bates said. “Distance swimmers and sprinters are both very important.” Bates said.

According to Bates, team spirit is also important for the team to beat Eisenhower in their upcoming meet.

“Definitely our teamwork and cheering each other on is a very big part of it,” Bates said. “We wouldn’t be who we are without our great sportsmanship.”

The Girls Swim team is part of a division called MAC. According to Fodell, it is crucial that the team be strong across the board not only to win in tomorrow’s meet but to be successful long term in this division.

“I’m hoping that we establish a little more strength in the MAC,” Fodell said. “We have to show up and be a strong team across the board.”

Fodell predicts the team will swim their hardest meets of the year later in the season when they face Marion High School and Detroit Country Day.

“Our last meet of the season against Marion and Detroit Country Day will be the toughest opponents we face throughout the year,” Fodell said.

According to Fodell, the team’s ability will be tested to their limits at the very end of the season at States.

“When we go to states, that will also be our true test of where we lie,” Fodell said

Fodell predicts the girls will take home the win tomorrow, September 18, as long as they swim how they have been swimming.

“I expect that we will win as long as we show up and race,” Fodell said.