Yodeling “Walmart Boy” releases a new catchy song that is true to country


Photo courtesy of Jax Kelly

Mason Ramsey preforming at Coachella

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Staff Writer

Mason Ramsey’s rise to fame is something out of the ordinary.

Ramsey was caught on camera yodeling at a Walmart in Harrisburg Illinois and someone happened to record him and post it on the internet.

Instantly, Ramsey became known as the “Walmart Boy,” as this simple video became a hit. People found Ramsey, who is only 11 years old,  singing an old country song in cowboy boots hilarious.

Ramsey has become so popular over the last few weeks that he has had several live performances and has made appearances on talk shows. Ramsey has appeared and performed on the Ellen Show with the song that gave him fame. Not only has Ramsey sung “The Lovesick Blues” during these performances, but these have also given Ramsey the chance to sing other songs in the country genre.

Many people like Ramsey because he is different from other artists. His voice is something truly unique because when listening to him sing you would think that he is younger than he actually is, as his guitar is bigger than him.

Earlier this week, Ramsey released his first song on iTunes and Spotify. The song, called “Famous,” has quickly become popular and even reached number one on the iTunes country chart.

Since I first heard about the song on Tuesday, I have been listened to it several times. I like the song because not only is it short and sweet but it is interesting Ramsey recorded his own song.

Personally, I like country music so when the song came out I was intrigued to hear it. My first impression of the song was, although it does sound like every other country song, it is still pretty good. It has a good rhythm and tune to it with the guitar as country music should. I think that it is so popular because Ramsey has so much talent and he still pretty young.

I also find it impressive that he writes his own music. Since the song has a lot of different lines and the chorus is catchy, I think that Ramsey could have a lot of potential to write many more songs with original lines. I wouldn’t doubt that he has written more and is going to make a whole album soon, because with the amount of success he has had it is very much possible.

Ramsey is talented and I look forward to hearing more of his music in the future as his rise to fame continues.