New record store allows music lovers to look back at the past

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Staff Writer

Music is something that many people enjoy. Over the last couple of years, tangible music like vinyls

Ripe Records is located on Charlevoix in Grosse Pointe Park. Photo by Olivia Mlynarek ’19

is making a comeback and is inspiring people to take a trip into the past and explore what music used to be like. There is something about going to pick out your music that is an experience like no other.

Ripe Records is a new record shop in Grosse Pointe Park that opened on April 21. The shop has only been open a couple weeks, and is already very successful and is becoming popular among those of all ages who love music.

Upon walking into the store, the atmosphere was different from any record shop that I have been to before. The store is well decorated with various records displayed on the wall to give customers an idea of the kind of music that can be found inside the store. The different genres and types of music are sorted in various antique and rustic wooden crates. Country, jazz, rock, alternative and even movie soundtracks are neatly organized throughout the shop. The pure variety of music is something that makes this record shop unique to music fanatics.

Although the shop is small, there is enough room for people to browse around its compact room. People can easily make their way from box to box to look a so people can either quickly or thoroughly flip through them to find that perfect album.

In addition to the records that are on display and for sale, there is an area along the wall in the front of the shop that has two large record players. This is an area where people can play records before they buy them if they are interested and want to get a feel for the music.

This shop is also unlike others in that the records are in great condition. Most of the records are brand-new or in mid-condition. The vinyls are also priced well. Prices range from $10 to higher costs for more valuable or newer records.

In addition to selling music, the shop also buys used or new records from people who do not want or do not have the use for them anymore.

Ripe Records is located at 15212 Charlevoix in Grosse Pointe Park and is a destination that those who enjoy music and vinyls should visit.