Tower’s Guide on how to study for AP exams

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Staff Writer

Advanced Placement (AP) exams are right around the corner. Exams begin the week of May 7th, and exam times are varied throughout the week.

AP exams often cause larger amounts of stress to students. AP exams can count for college credit, so it is important that you take them seriously and be as prepared for them as you can be. There are a lot of helpful ways to review for an AP exam.

Flashcards are a helpful study tool for many students. Barron’s or Five to Five make helpful flashcards made specifically for the AP test. These flashcards have useful information that helps prepare students for what could be on the exam. Flashcards are good for studying because they help students quickly relay and learn information quick and easy.

Review textbooks are also good. Barron’s and Five to Five also make these to help students with their AP courses. These have summaries of all the different information you should know from the class and for the test. These books also have practice multiple choice tests and essay prompts included to help students get an idea of what the test is going to be like.

Another thing that is helpful to do to study for the AP Exam is to review your coursework from that class. It is important to review your notes from the beginning of the class that you have forgotten or don’t remember. It is also helpful to review old tests or test corrections and look at any questions you got wrong and review those topics you don’t understand and make sure when you take the test you have a better understanding on those topics.

Quizlet is also a good resource to use to study. Quizlet has a lot of different options for students to study. Quizlet has memory games like matching, a writing function where you have to type the correct term it, a flashcard function and much more. Students can review their notes and make a Quizlet of terms and definitions they need to know. I would recommend using the write function on Quizlet because it is the best for testing yourself and learning new information. Quizlet is a good resource for students who focus better on a computer or have quick access to a computer.

It is important when studying for AP exams that a student finds a way to study that works best for them. It is important that when you study you are doing something that is effective and helps you to remember the information you need to know.