5 things happening the week of 03/18

Alex Acker '18, Tower Radio Executive Producer

Austin Bomber

The serial bomber that has been terrorizing Austin for three weeks has died. The bombs have killed two people and injured four others. The bomber has been revealed to be 23-year-old college dropout, Mark Anthony Conditt. The police were closing in on the motel that the suspect was hiding. The bomber then got into his car and was pursued by police. His car then crashed into a ditch and he detonated a bomb inside of his car, killing himself. Nobody other than the bomber were injured. Police are currently investigating his hideout and have already discovered a plethora of information. Although, Austin Police still recommend that the city remain cautious due to the possibility that there could be more bombs hidden around the city.

Maryland School Shooting

A gunman injured two people at Great Mills High School in Maryland. However, an armed resource officer employed by the school, Deputy Blaine Gaskill, pursued and stopped the shooter within a minute. Deputy Gaskill, who is also a trained SWAT team member, was not injured. Soon we should know if the shooter committed suicide or if Gaskill’s round killed the shooter. There is a police investigation into the shooter and his motives. Unfortunately, one of the injured students, Jaelynn Willey, has now died from her injuries.


Facebook is facing huge lawsuits by many parties in wake of a data mining scandal. Facebook is accused of collecting personal information from users devices and profiles and selling that information to companies like Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica happened to have worked on President Donald Trump’s campaign. The parties affected have said that this violates their user privacy agreement. Mark Zuckerberg has come out, after not speaking for a few weeks, and has apologized for the company’s actions. If successful, these lawsuits could bankrupt Facebook. The effects now, see Facebook’s stock plummeting.

Driverless Uber Kills Pedestrian

A driverless Uber killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona. The car was not carrying any passengers, but was carrying a human safety driver. The car was traveling at about 40mph and hit Elaine Herzberg, a 49-year-old, who was walking her bike across the street. This has been the first death associated with the new autonomous car technology. There has been a dashboard video released that shows the interior and exterior of the car during the accident. THis has hurt self-driving technology, according to police the car was equipped with items that should have detected the pedestrian. Uber has now temporarily suspended the programs in multiple cities, including Tempe. Police are still investigating the incident.

Gun March in Washington D.C.

A march took place in Washington D.C. to promote gun control. The march was called “March for Our Lives”. The protest took place in response to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. According to CBS, there was about 200,000 demonstrators in attendance. Many celebrities were in attendance giving speeches and performing songs. The demonstration sparked numerous others across the country.