Fashion trends of Spring 2018

Claire Koeppen '19 and Sarah Stevenson '19, Section Editor and Web Editor

Here are some of  the trendiest items of Spring 2018:

The Fjällräven Kånken was designed in the 1960s, and ever since it has been a popular backpack to allow people to carry essentials and add an extra touch to their outfit. It comes in a variety of colors, such as ochre, sky blue, plum and frost green (shown here). In addition, they come in multiple sizes to allow you to find the perfect fit. The cost ranges from $70-$100.

Stars have always been a popular design to add a statement to simple clothing items. They have been everywhere from earrings to socks to jeans. This trend started in 2017 and has carried over to the new year, and it’s one of the easiest ways to look on trend.

Pins are also a great way to customize any piece of clothing or accessory. It allows you to express yourself and spice up an outfit in an instant. Today, pins can be found at most retail stores, boutiques or online stores, including Urban Outfitters, Amazon and PinMart. Although pins range in price, they are usually inexpensive.

Printed or floral socks give you the chance to add color and uniqueness to a plain pair of sneakers. These types of socks are especially great for the springtime; when the weather isn’t warm and you want to protect yourself from the cold yet still want to create an interesting outfit. Floral socks can be found at most clothing stores, such as Forever21, at fairly low prices.

Dainty jewelry is easy to wear as most pieces are fairly light and comfortable to have on throughout the day. In addition, it adds a delicate touch to any outfit. Gold, a color that is especially popular in jewelry, has a soft touch and is great for the spring. Dainty jewelry prices range dramatically, depending on the store.

A great staple not only for the spring but for the whole year is patched jeans. These can be bought or can make a great DIY project. These types of jeans are different from normal denim because patched jeans are made in all types of styles, such as skinny, mom-jean and cropped. However, they are similar to other jeans because they can be bought for a variety of prices. Some inexpensive places to purchase a pair are H&M, Old Navy and ZARA.

The classic Canadian tuxedo has made a comeback in 2018 and can be worn in many different ways. Jeans and denim jackets have been popular through the beginning of the year. Another popular denim item is embroidered or jean jackets with iron-on patches. These are customizable and can be bought or made with a variety of designs. Some include flowers, sayings and other patterns. These are a great way to make a statement and express yourself in a new way.

A great way to add color to your spring wardrobe is bright-hued sneakers. Brands such as Converse, Nike and Vans sell a variety of unique, colored shoes that will add to the uplifting spirit of spring. They can make a simple outfit pop while also creating a subtle statement.

Graphic tees are a great way to display your personality. They can be vintage, grunge, witty or even artistic, and they are relatively inexpensive at most stores. A common way to find these tees are by searching thrift stores or purchasing them from American Eagle or Forever21.

Overall, these pieces will add a new touch to your wardrobe and brighten your spring.