Cookie Chaos

Isabella Craparotta '19, Staff Writer

Every Wednesday and Friday the smell of Otis Spunkmeyer cookies fill the halls of South. The cookies serve as a sweet treat to motivate students in the middle and end of the week. On February 6, 2018, the students noticed a change in the size of the cookies according to  Ben Roraff ’19 and Tristan Guevara ’20.

The price of the original 2oz cookies were $49.99/case but with a mistake in the school store, they had to decrease cookie size to 1oz in order to be cost efficient according to school store mother, Vicki Clevenger.

“All profits go directly back to the school in the forms of enrichment, preservation, and scholarship so we are always striving to offer great products at a reasonable price,” Clevenger said.

After a shipment of cookies had gone bad and lost their value, Clevenger stated that the store had to make up for their lost profits and in order to do so, this involved decreasing cookie size.

“The new 1oz cookies should hopefully increase your savings for the rest of the year. The cost of the new cookie is $37.15/case and each case has 320 cookies,” Matt Severson, director of dining services said.

Cutting back the size of the cookies has frustrated students like Guevara, who claims the cookies aren’t as fresh and he is disappointed in their size.

The cookies are the same brand, Otis Spunkmeyer, and the same distributor. The only new aspect of the cookie is their size, according to Clevenger.

“I don’t like that the cookies are smaller but we are still paying the same price and so we’re getting less for our money,” Roraff said.

Roraff and Guevara both said they don’t like the cookies anymore but they will occasionally still purchase them.

“The cookies are a lot smaller and they don’t really taste as good,” Roraff said.  “They’re just not the same.”

Students negative feedback about the cookies has affected the sales but Clevenger said that she thinks other factors have affected the sales as well.

“We did have an overage of cookies today but I believe Lent is actually affecting cookie sales, not the size of the cookies,” Clevenger said.

According to Clevenger, the change in size should hopefully help save money and gain profits to go back to the school.

“I hope these savings help make your fundraisers more successful for the duration of this year,” Severson said.