South student tries new CrossFit training

Isabella Craparotta '19, Staff Writer

CrossFit training is one of the newest trends in fitness, and it has now spread to the Grosse Pointe South community. Charlotte Brecht ’19 has joined this movement.

Brecht began training in the summer with her sister and has continued her love for working out with this difficult regime. According to Brecht, the training not only tests one’s physical strength, but their mental strength as well.

“It’s a mix of strength and cardio, and that’s what makes it very difficult because you’re lifting and then you’re also doing a lot of cardio. In the summer we ran outside and we rowed,” Brecht said. “It’s just a lot of everything and it’s supposed to help get into better shape because you’re not just doing one type of exercise.”

Charlotte’s gym, CrossFit in the D, is located downtown near Campus Martius. It has varying workout routines to fit any ability. Along with Brecht, Mr. Hepner has been training in crossfit for the past six years and is certified as a level one crossfit instructor.

“By definition, crossfit training is functional movements, constantly varied and performed at high intensity so, it’s something different everyday and it usually involves a clock and a race,” Hepner said.

Hepner believes in the training for everybody while some of the movements can be very difficult, crossfit training can be modified to fit all levels, Hepner said.

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Brecht ’19

“When my mom heard about it… my sister and I tried it because we’ve never done it before, and it was over the summer,” Brecht said. “They do these six week packages for beginners and that’s how we tried it.”

According to Brecht, she went with her sister so they could hold each other accountable for consistently returning throughout the six weeks.

“We both really liked it, so we both kept going, but we’ve kind of gotten to know the people there,” Brecht said.

One of the reasons Brecht enjoys CrossFit is because of her love for working out. Besides her CrossFit classes at the gym, she said she also plays volleyball.  

“Honestly working out is something that people usually don’t like doing, but it’s something that just distracts me and helps me take my mind off of things,” Brecht said. “Working out makes me feel better afterwards.”

Along with helping her get into good shape and staying healthy, Brecht said that the trainers at The CrossFit in the D provide a meal plan for dieting.

“(The trainers) definitely promote eating very clean, but I’m not super strict about it,” Brecht said.

In the new year of 2018, Brecht said she will continue her love for working out and eating clean to live a healthy lifestyle.