A student’s love for animals drove them to fostering over hundreds of cats and dogs


Photo courtesy of Lilly Weekly '19

Some of the many playful kittens Lilly Weekly ’19 fosters.

Ally Macleod '19, Staff Writer

Lilly Weekley ‘19 has been fostering animals since the day she was born and does not plan on stopping. She has fostered over hundreds of cats and dogs according to Weekley.

“My mom works for an animal rescue and has volunteered there for the past 24 years,” Weekley said.

Mary Weekley works at the Grosse Pointe Animal Association. She has loved her work there and what she has accomplished, according to Mary.

“No feeling compares to seeing an animal that you have cared for over the past couple months or year who everyone gave up on, get adopted. It is truly amazing what a difference it can make in some animals lives,” Mary said.

Maddie Weekley ‘21 also supports her family’s decision in fostering new animals and looks forward to hosting them.

“I love coming home and seeing a new kitten or puppy that I can love and play with. All of the animals we have fostered have different personalities and it is fun to see them interact with each other and try to teach them new tricks,” Maddie said.

Weekley fosters kittens and occasionally puppies. They foster new animals each week.

“We foster animals because my mom does not want them to stay in a cage at the shelter, even getting them out of the shelter for one night is better than nothing,” Weekley said.

There are many benefits to fostering animals and more people should volunteer to foster, according to Weekley.

“One benefit of fostering is getting to spend time with the animals and making them feel loved. Other people should foster animals so they do not have to stay in cages for months on end, even a short time fostering makes a big difference,” Weekley said.

The Weekley family has even rescued stray kittens before, according to Mary.

“There was one kitten who had been stuck in a car tire and it took me almost two hours to get the kitten out. Once the kitten was out, I brought him home and cleaned and fed him. I named him Oreo and fostered him for the next two weeks when he didn’t have fleas anymore” Mary said.

Some animals have been at the Grosse Pointe Animal Association for months and sometimes even longer than a year, according to Mary.

“More people should foster animals and be informed of how many animals there are that do not have a forever home and need shelter. I feel like fostering a pet for even as short as a week can change people for the better,” Mary said.