Snowboarding is the ultimate winter sport


Photo courtesy of James Ulku '19.

Ulku ’19 poses in the winter snow while snowboarding with friends and family.

James Ulku '19, Staff Writer

Ever since the beginning of downhill winter sports, there has been a long debate of what is the best style of shreddin’ powder.

The debate, over which sport is better, is between skiing and snowboarding

Many will tell you skiing is the way to go. But other people would have to say snowboarding. The truthful answer is that snowboarding is easily the best way of hitting the slopes on a winter day.

First, we (snowboarders) don’t need to worry about the useless long sticks skiers call poles. Most of the time skiers don’t even use them going down the hill. Their only real use is to give you something to accidentally drop off of a chairlift.

Secondly, we only need to worry about one thing: our boards. If a snowboarder catches an edge, that may be the worst free fall of their your life. However, when a skier wipes out on the slopes, they are also guaranteed to lose their skis and poles, and the rest of their run will be devoted to finding these items scattered about the slopes.

Speaking of wiping out, let’s talk about the terrain park. Skiers get to enjoy doing 180 degree spins or riding the rail, and that’s about it; there’s not much more for the terrain park to offer to them A day of a snowboarding in the terrain park is nothing less than a good time because no run ever has to be the same. Nobody is judging you, and all the other snowboarders want to see is you hitting that trick you’ve been practicing all day.

Now I do have to say skiers go flying straight down the mountain. For a snowboarder It’s about your swift turns; nothing beats a buttery smooth slope that is just waiting for an experienced snowboarder to carve up.

Finally, nothing can beat the camaraderie that snowboarders have. You will never meet a snowboarder on the mountain that is having a bad time. When you are a boarder and you pass a peer on the slopes, you two already have a mutual respect for each other.

What started as some pieces of wood going down a mountain has turned into a family of people who love hitting the slopes. Whether you are a skier or snowboarder, we are all at the mountain for the same reason and nothing should stop us from doing what we love.