Preview of the Blood drive on Nov. 3.

South's blood drive is Nov. 3. Photo from Creative Commons.

South's blood drive is Nov. 3. Photo from Creative Commons.

Caitlin Miller '18, Staff Writer

South’s annual Red Cross blood drive is being held on Friday, Nov. 3. It will be an all day event set up in the gym so all students, 16 years or older, may participate

If a student would like to donate, they should sign up online with a parent, or talk to Lisa Kline, head of National Honors Society (NHS) in room 222. There is a sign-up sheet hanging up on the board in her room for interested students.

According to Ms. Kline, NHS volunteers will be helping in the gym. About 20 volunteers signed up to work the drive, and about 35 NHS students have signed up to donate. Ms. Kline said they still need 50 to 60 more donors in order to do the blood drive.

“I’m gonna be very honest, I’m really nervous with how few students have signed up,” Ms. Kline said. “Usually by this time we’re full, and we’re turning kids away.  I’m still hoping more people are going to sign up, otherwise we will have to cancel.”

South has hosted the blood drive for at least 10 years, according to Kline, and it has been a success each year. Chloe Kline ’18, a previous donor, said the drive takes about an hour in total, including paperwork and the blood being drawn, so the needle is only in the arm for about 15 minutes. Kline ’18 said her mom has donated blood and recommended donating to her, as she believes it can help patients who are sick and need the blood to lead a healthier life.

“I’m donating blood because I’ve always wanted to do it to help people, and I feel like it’s such a simple thing to do and it only takes an hour of my time but can greatly impact the rest of someone else’s life” Micaela Fraser ’18, NHS donor and volunteer, said.

Ms. Kline said donating blood can help patients that have a surgery, or a sickness that requires blood in their system. It can help someone live their life and save them if it is critical.

Kline ’18 said others should donate to help this cause because it can impact that person’s future greatly.

“ I believe that others should donate because it is super easy to do and can help someone that needs it,” Fraser said.

Fraser added Snacks will be provided to all donors in order to keep blood sugar levels from dropping.

According to Ms. Kline, there are flyers in the halls at South that give more information concerning the blood drive. The QR code on the poster will give students the opportunity to sign up and donate their blood to a great cause.

“I think others should donate blood because it helps sick patients when they go into surgery” according to Kline ‘18.