Parents meet the teachers at Back to School Night


Photo courtesy to Pixabay

Blair Cullen '18, Staff Writer

Parents will have the opportunity to meet their students’ teachers while shadowing their daily schedule. Back to School Night will take place this Thursday, Sept. 14.

“Parents will have 12 to 15 minutes with each of their students’ teachers to learn the daily rules and expectations and what’s in store for the class,” counselor Eric Burson said.

While parent-teacher conferences focus on every individual student, how they behave in the class and what type of grades they are receiving, Back to School Night is different according to Burson.

“Teachers will introduce themselves and go over what they do in class,” teacher Dennis Pascoe said. “I think it’s best when teachers and parents establish a relationship, for the good of the student.”

At 7 p.m. on Thursday, teachers will be focusing on the class in general and not every individual student, according to Pascoe.

“It’s been proven that children in high school are more successful when parents are involved in their education,” former Mothers’ Club President Helen Srebernak said. “It’s also a good way to put a face to a name.”

The hope is for the parents to get a good idea of all the policies, and to gain a sense of how students feel in the class. Some teachers give a mini lesson for parents to see what goes on in their class, according to Burson.

“It’s a great opportunity for us as teachers to explain curriculum and meet your son or daughter’s teacher, and our goals for the year,” teacher Elizabeth Lulis said.