Detroit’s new Little Caesars Arena

Sarah Stevenson '19, Staff Writer

The long awaited and highly anticipated Little Caesars Arena is now open to the public, and will bring excitement to Detroit fans.

The arena is located on Woodward Avenue in Midtown. This is one of the best parts about the venue considering that it is so much closer to Comerica Park and Ford Field which really makes it feel more apart of the “sports” aspect of Detroit.  

As soon as I stepped inside, there was a rush of energy that was like no other. I, along with many others, were able to check out the arena before the first concert or game. There were tons of Detroit fans that packed the inside and were thrilled considering majority of them were wearing a Red Wings jersey.

The arena is quite modern with a dome ceiling and a large forum filled with a variety of  restaurants and stores. In addition, it also has many windows which The Joe didn’t have. This overall brightens up the entire building and makes it feel more open and lively.

The Pizzarena has two levels; both feature many restaurants and concession stands such as the 313 Grill Co., Classics, Detroit House, The Coop, and of course, Little Caesars Pizza along with many others. The lower level also has the Team Store which sells Red Wings spirit wear.

Red Wings logo made out of Chevy car parts in the arena.

It was amazing to finally be able to see what Detroiters have been waiting for so long: the rink itself. The colors were so vibrant and as I stepped inside there were many different aspects that I was trying to take in. In addition, the slight temperature drop brought memories of previous hockey games I have been to and the excitement of what’s to come for this new venue.

Fans can access the hockey rink from both levels; the lower level leads to the bottom part of the stadium and the upper level leads to the top part of the stadium.

One of the many new features on the ice is the gondola seating that is suspended above the rink. Here, fans can get a full view of the game and can feel like they’re “on top of the action”, according to The District Detroit.

This new addition will add an extremely cool experience to games and will provide one of the best views of the rink from anywhere in the stadium.

On the upper level of the arena, there was a large window that overlooked part of the city. This was by far my favorite part of the tour. Both the Renaissance Center and the Detroit Skyline were visible. It was great to see that the actual city, instead of just photos, were incorporated into the arena.

One of the most prominent aspects were the pictures of Pistons and Red Wings legends that hung from the walls. The arena not only included photos of sports players, but also musicians that have played or are from Detroit.   

There also is a glass roof concourse, that connects the arena with a parking garage, offices and other facilities. It provides easy access to and from the arena. This was interesting to walk through and overall, allowed me to see more of the city life below me.

View of downtown Detroit from the Little Caesars arena.

Although this “Pizzarena” will be replacing the iconic Joe Louis Arena, it still has features from The Joe and the legacy of the players that once called it their home. The statues of Ted Lindsay, Alex Delvecchio, and Gordie Howe that were once at The Joe have been moved to the new arena.

Although the infamous steps were not recreated at Little Caesars, the red seats from Joe Louis have not been forgotten. There are between 20,000 and 21,000 bright red seats surrounding the ice that will soon have Detroit fans occupying their edges while watching a game.

Outside the arena, there is a plaza where fans can walk around and even watch the game happening inside. The plaza will also be a great place to hang out before and after games. This was an amazing aspect because there were many people who were excited to see the arena and for the coming seasons.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Stevenson ’19

This new venue not only acknowledges the Joe Louis, but it also includes large Olympia letters on the wall to remember the arena where the Red Wings first played, the Detroit Olympia. I found this to be interesting since many will remember “The Joe”, but some may forget about its predecessor where it all began. It’s a great way to remind us of another classic arena and something so important to Detroit.  

For the years to come, it will be a fantastic arena that will hold countless memories of concerts, Pistons games, and of course, Red Wings games.