The best places to study on campus

Olivia Mlynarek '19, Staff Writer

The Library:

The library is a nice and quiet place to concentrate during school and after school. The library is convenient because one can go there during tutorial or lunch, usually without a problem. If one wants to use the library during school, library passes are available for student use. The library is a nice place to get schoolwork done because not only do they have an abundance of tables and chairs, they also have computers. This are handy resources because if one needs to print or research something the computers are right there for student use. Another great thing about the library is that there are many different areas that can be used for homework or studying. There is a ton of seating in the library, so when you go to study there not everyone has to go to one certain area which is a nice thing.  Make sure to check the schedule at the door of the library to make sure it is available for use.


The cafeteria is one of the few locations that is open before school starts. The cafeteria is ideal for getting work done because it is a location that is not  occupied by many people before school. Most people only go there for lunch, so it is empty early in the morning.. The cafeteria is a good place to go before school because usually most people are in the main hallways talking or going to their lockers.

Student Commons:

The student commons is another great location to do some class work or study without being disturbed. Although the commons is only quiet before school, it is still one of the best locations in the school to get some work done. Few people know that the commons is open to students before school. The commons is one of the better places to study because they have a lot of tables and space, but they also have breakfast and snacks available. If you didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast because you were too busy stressing about the schoolwork that you need to get done, you can eat and finish up your homework in the commons.

The Front Lawn:

The front lawn is another great place to do homework or study. Although this location does depend on the weather, it is a nice place to get work done. One cool thing about the front lawn is that not only can you get work done, but you also get to enjoy the scenery outside. It is nice to change things up a little and enjoy the sunshine. Another nice factor about the front lawn is that there are unlimited places that one can sit. There are an abundance of benches in the shade and in the sun for use. Also if you don’t want to sit on a bench you can always sit on the grass, sidewalk, or even the steps of the flagpole.


Photos courtesy of Olivia Mlynarek ’19

The Hallway:

Although the hallway may seem like a chaotic place to concentrate, sometimes it is just the ideal place to get some work done. The nice thing about the hallway is that many people do work there. This is good because many teachers are okay if you decide to do homework right by their doors in the morning. Another nice thing about getting work done in the hallway is that not many people bother you unless you are in front of their locker or in front of their class.