Thank you, Edge


A group picture of the family.

The Tower staff has been through a lot in the past four years. It hasn’t been a traditional high school journalism paper by any means.

First year: a so so substitute followed by a competent English teacher….who left us at the end of the year….. to teach AP Lit. at North. Ouch….ok we’ll find another teacher. We’ll be fine. Many kids drop out, only leaving the strong to fend for themselves. The group that stays become closer and bonds.

Second year: A bald guy who tells us he’s 50, but we don’t believe him in the slightest, takes over. He possesses a “cool, calm and collective” attitude that no one to this day can replicate. Break out year, win a Sparty, what else could you ask for?

Third year: The bald guy is still here, (A new record for all the seniors on staff) everyone seems to like him. No Sparty (still don’t know why). But again, friendships were made. Bald guy leaves for California (Palo Alto) with wife and kids. Everyone’s let down. We can’t seem to hold on to an adviser for more than two years. What’s going on? Does anybody want to mentor us?

Fourth year: A kind face us at the door at Shaw Hall at MSU. “Hi guys I’m Mrs. Edgerton. I’m your new adviser.” She brought Little Caesars Pizza which instantly put her in high regard in our eyes.

Dear Edge,

You’ve been like a mom to all of us. You’ve kept us in line, walked through stuff with us, had our backs more than once, read through anything we wanted to with you, and much more. Please don’t leave us.

It’s incredibly difficult to come into such a deep rooted paper and make it run smoothly. No one else could have accomplished such a feat. From organizing an entire NYC trip to making sure that all the editors stay on task, you’ve been the role model that us kids need.

You’ve bought into the program and we love you for that. Not only did you get acclimated to the unique and tightly knit culture of Tower. But you had to get your family acclimated to Grosse Pointe all the same time, including one of your own going into elementary school.  You’re not going anywhere anytime soon and we are glad.

As an adviser, you’ve guided us always with the mindset that we, the students, are the ones making the decisions. As a nearly century old student-led newspaper, carrying on that tradition is so important to us. Not only have you given us good advice and good resources to turn to for more help, but you’ve ingrained in our minds the concept that as The Tower Newspaper, we have the responsibility to make the ethical, journalistic call.

Your unwavering passion for journalism and the power of the press is one of your defining characteristics that has made an impact on the type of reporting The Tower has done this year.

One of your most underrated qualities would have to be your ability to give someone clarity. Whenever staffers have had problems with sources or even their personal lives, you’ve been able to give them clarity. We’ve seen first hand, someone who has been having a super crappy day: walks up to your desk and after a couple softly spoken words, they are instantly put in a better mood.

We are glad that you found us, your second family. You have no idea what you mean to us. Even though we might drive you up a wall and might be the reason you retire early….we love you, and we can’t wait for another year of carrying on this extraordinary tradition.


The Editorial Board Staff