Q&A with Conor McKenna, a varsity baseball player

How would you describe your season so far?

It wasn’t as good as we expected but we’re doing pretty good.  We have a winning record in the league and it has been fun. I have enjoyed hanging out with the players everyday on and off the field. I made friends that will hopefully last a lifetime.

What are some notable games this season?

We beat Brother Rice which is normally a powerhouse. We beat them pretty badly, the score was 7-0.  They were favored to win that so it was pretty fun. It’s nice to win games that you are the underdog, it kind of makes you feel good in a way and brings confidence to the whole team going into the playoffs.

When do playoffs start and who do you play first?

Playoffs for varsity start in early June and we don’t know who we play as of now, but I guarantee that we will be ready for whoever we need to play.

What is the format of playoffs to get to states?

First you start with teams in your district, then if you win districts you go to regionals, and if you win regionals, you go to the state finals.  Only one team gets through regionals. It will be tough but our team seems like we can do it this year, our team is ready.

What high school team has been your hardest competition this year?

Sterling Heights Stephenson.  They are the best team right now.  They have a bunch of kids who are going D1.  They have really good pitching and are good all around. They seem to be good every year and keep getting better as the season continues.

What players have played a key role?

David Toth ’17, he is by far the best pitcher.  He is going to go play at Hillside for pitching.  For offense I would say Brad Thompson ’17.  He is a really good hitter and seems to always put the ball in play.

How often and where does your team practice?

If we don’t have a game we practice every day.  It’s at South, but if it’s raining we go in the gym. It’s definitely a long time commitment, but I know that all the hard work will eventually pay off.

How long is the season and how many games?

We start in early March for the tryouts and then once the team is picked in mid-March we start practicing.  Our first game is usually late March or early April.  Then it ends at the end of the school year.

Who are your coaches and how would you describe them?

For varsity we have Dan Griesbaum, who is the head coach. He is a good guy and pretty easy to talk to.  He also is helpful and helps you get good no matter what it is. Then Coach Reno, he a good guy, and then Coach Hack is the pitching coach and he is the funny one. He always seems to have funny joke to say.

What was your team goal this season and what would it mean to you if you accomplish that goal?

Our goal was to become more serious and have everyone in as one, instead of having a team on the field and the rest of the guys sitting on the bench. If we were to accomplish that I think that would make us the best team in the state, and that would be ultimate goal to win a state championship.