The annual film festival

Graphic courtesy of j4p4n

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Almost every year the film literature class has an annual film festival compressed of the year’s best student made films.

“Because we had seven sections this year, there is whole lot of films to choose from. The hard thing is going to be deciding which ones (films) to put in because there’s so many good ones,” film literature teaher, John Monaghan said.

According to Monaghan, the program runs just over an hour and the films are sectioned off depending on which semester they were made in. There will also be a number of videos and music videos from Stephen Geresy’s TV production class.

“The only requirement is that they use a certain number of techniques. They have to use subjective shots, transitions, match cuts and wipes. The content is up to them but has to be suitable for general viewing,” Monaghan said.

According to Gabby Miller ’17, film literature gives an in-depth perspective on how movies are made by using techniques, and it also helps the viewer see movies in a different way.

“My friend last year asked me to do a movie and help film it for her. I ended up really liking it and I really liked Mr. Monaghan,” Riley Parrish ’17 said. “It seemed like the perfect class, and so far it has been. ”

According to Monaghan, family, friends and everyone is encouraged to come and watch student made films in a theater setting. The film festival will be held on May 31 at 7:00 p.m. in South’s Auditorium.

“ When you watch a movie it’s more than just what’s going on or what actors are in it, it’s about what techniques are used in it. It becomes more artistic,”  Miller said.