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Week of 5/8/17-5/12/17


"Delta Airline Boeing 767-300 N180DN is landing at Frankfurt Int'l Airport" by Lasse Fuss on Wikipedia Commons is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

A family was kicked off of a Delta flight this week. This is the latest in a string of alleged excessive force when removing passengers from flights.

Innocent teen murdered by police

After 15 year old Jordan Edwards was killed by a police officer, more than 100 of his football teammates prayed and cried for his family as they one by one hugged the family members and wrote messages on his locker. Jordan was a freshman at Mesquite High School in Balch Springs, Texas. He was shot and killed by Roy Oliver, who is now a former police officer being charged with murder. Jordan was in the passanger seat of a car driving away from  a party and as the car was driving away Oliver shot Jordan who was an unarmed. Oliver was booked Friday and released with a $300,000 bond.

Delta kicks family off plane

On May 3rd a video was posted of a family being kicked off of a delta flight because of a confusion with booking names. The Schear family including two of their children were boarded on a flight and one of the seats was booked for the Schear’s older son who had already taken an earlier flight and since it was taken by one of their other children, it started an uprise. In the video the situation was poorly handled by Delta and after the family got off the plane they took a later flight with a different airline. Delta says that this is against their policy to always try and find solutions to clients travel issues.

School Bus crash kills 36 in Tanzania

On Saturday morning, a school bus carrying 36 students crashed by swerving off the road in Tanzania, 33 of the passengers being children. Police have investigators on the case trying to figure out why exactly the bus swerved into a ravine. Of all of the passengers on the bus, two children survived and are in critical condition. In addition to the students, the bus driver and two teachers died in the crash as well.The students on the bus were on their way to another school to take a test and were all primary school students, between the ages of 12 and 13.

Colder temperatures to continue:

A meteorologist with the National Weather Service has issued a widespread freeze warning from Sunday to Tuesday. The record low temperature for May 8th in the metro Detroit area is 30 degrees, and this past Tuesday it was 34 degrees in metro Detroit. The low temperatures will have a great impact on crops, especially for Michigan farmers who will need to take precautions to protect the peach, apple, and cherry trees. Cold snaps can have a large impact on crops, they especially have in the past decade.

Detroit and Wayne State police team up to catch criminals

DTE provides bait cars and bikes that are wired with surveillance cameras and are strategically places in Midtown and downtown Detroit. DTE monitors these cameras that help the Detroit and Wayne State police make arrests. Since DTE has teamed up with the city of Detroit to place these bait cars and bikes downtown as well as in Midtown it has led to 60 convictions in just a three year span.