Girls Varsity hockey dominates North

March 10, 2017


Photo Credit: Liz Bigham ’18


The Girls Hockey team went away with a 10-3 win against North last Thursday, giving the team momentum for States this week.

The team mercies North earlier in the season and were confident in the outcome of the game. However, the game did not start so well for South, Captain Carson Dennis ’17 said.

“In the first and second period we tried to roll some girls in who maybe didn’t get enough ice season, rolling all three lines, plus some extras, and with the defense we had a couple of extra girls; so the first two periods were definitely different that our style of play that we’re used to,” Dennis said.

At the end of the second period the game was tied. Head Coach Chris Booth decided to shorten the bench to two lin


Photo Credit: Liz Bigham

“You don’t like doing that as a coach– you want to play everybody– but it worked,” Booth said.

After the second period in the locker room, Booth told the girls how important it was to score the next goal.

“I told the girls it’s really important that we step it up, and we get that momentum,” Booth said. “So I think that once we got that first goal in the third period everyone was like ‘okay’.”

South ended up scoring seven times in the third period, said Booth. The starting line of offense of Carson Dennis ’17, Lauren Kramer ’18 and Erin Brannagan ’18 brought in points as well as the secondary line of with Shannon McKenna ’17, Madison Ryszewski ’20, and Kelsey Francis ’20. The defense and goalie Bridget Donaldson  ’17 only let in three shots.

Francis played her best game all season, Booth said.

“She played a great game yesterday because she was aggressive and she was attacking the net, and holding on to the puck,” Booth said.  “And that’s the way that we need her to play.”

Addy Hamel ’18 also had an impressive game as brought up the defense and had a goal too, Dennis said.

North came out stronger than they expected, Hamel said.

“I think the defense had a really strong game because North had a lot of three on one breakaways and the defense broke those
down really well,” Hamel said.

Booth believes that the team is playing their best hockey right now and that they need to focus on a couple of things to maintain that, he said.

“Number one: getting off to a fast start,” Booth said. “Number two: we need everyone contributing not just our top three players.”

Effort is the most important thing, Booth said.

“I can play offense all day, but when the other team gets the puck, you gotta try and stop them from scoring too,” Booth said. “That’s the name of the game.”


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