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Week of 3/6/17-3/10/17

President Donald Trump just signed an executive order for a second travel ban.

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President Donald Trump just signed an executive order for a second travel ban.

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Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” faces charges

‘El Chapo,’ the infamous Mexican drug lord, faces charges this morning in New York. He has stolen 14 million dollars worth of assets. He is facing 17 federal charges in the New York Federal Court system. If he is tried and convicted, he will face life in prison. The judge wanted to have a video conference instead of him coming to court, but ‘El Chapo’ insisted on coming to the court house. He is not facing the death penalty or any murder charges. He is currently being held in a wing known as the “shoe” maximum security prison in Manhattan, New York. He is only let out one hour a day for exercise.

Republican Party announces Obamacare replacement

Republicans finally revealed their health care overhaul for the replacement of Obamacare. They first plan to repeal many aspects of Obamacare. The government plans on giving people a tax credit that is immediately usable for the purchase of health insurance. It will serve protection to those will pre-existing health conditions. Children can stay on their parents plan until they are 26 years old. This new plan has a lot of people on the fence and/or like or dislike the plan.

U.S. works against North Korean missile tests

A United States defense system that is designed to shoot down missiles was delivered to the U.S. base in Japan. It will be fully operational by July. North Korea has been shooting missiles into the Pacific Ocean that have gotten to close to the U.S. base. China isn’t happy about this, since they think the U.S. is trying to intervene with that side of the world. Japan says it is one of the biggest threats it has faced. President Trump has assured Japan that they will work together against this crisis.

Uber deals with aftermath of video crisis

Uber is searching for leadership help after a recent video crisis.  A video was released after a heated argument between a driver and executive. The fight is over the pay changes in Uber black cars. Uber CEO released a statement saying saying he needs leadership help.

Trump updates travel ban details

Trump’s new travel ban that was recently issued this last week. It’s less harsh than the one issue earlier this year on January 27. It came under scrutiny quickly after coming out. The new ban that has just come out covers Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan. The ban that was just put into place is going to last 90 days.  Iraq is excluded from the second ban, as they are hosting lots of U.S. military personnel. Current green card holders and people who have current visas will be allowed.