Women’s Fitness Club to provide girls with workout motivation

Women's Fitness Club to provide girls with workout motivation

The Women’s Fitness Club is a new organization this year that will provide women with workouts with other South students. The club is run by presidents Maddie Kolomjec and Madison Bedsworth, both ’18, and is supervised by English teacher, Elizabeth Lulis.

The club was created to bring women of South together to workout in a fun way and give girls a reason to workout, according to Bedsworth.  

“We just wanted to motivate teenage girls to workout and feel good about themselves…and to drop the stereotypical idea that guys are in the weight room and girls just do cardio, so we are hoping to change that,” Kolomjec said.

According to Lulis, her goal is for girls to not feel intimidated in the weight room and to try to overcome the gender specific idea of the weight room. In addition, she wants girls to feel confident and also workout on their own based on what they have learned in the club. She is also hoping for girls to be happy and overall, have fun with each other.

“The more participants, the better and for the girls to not only have a workout buddy, but knowing that there is a whole group of girls they can turn to for support I think would be phenomenal,” Lulis said.

The club will also have a workout cycle that includes circuit training, zumba, weight lifting, track work, kickboxing, and other workouts as well, according to the Kolomjec and Bedsworth. They are also hoping to add more workouts such as yoga to the cycle as well. The workouts will be designed and coordinated by Lulis. The cycle of the workouts is to ensure that the girls who are a part of the club do not become bored and mix up the workouts weekly.

“I honestly think the best thing to come out of it will be friendships and hanging out…and also confidence and being able to go to the gym and know what you’re doing,” Bedsworth said.

In addition to the workouts, the club is also going to incorporate fun recipes every week that will have low calories and be healthy for the women involved in the club, according to Kolomjec and Bedsworth.

Meetings will be held on Wednesdays in the Boll Center weight room from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and will start the Wednesday following break, according to Kolomjec and Bedsworth. In addition, there is no fee to join the club and a physical is not needed. Students who want to join will just need consent from their parents.

“I hope to see a lot of people coming and being happy and having fun,” Bedsworth said.

Kolomjec and Bedsworth just want girls to feel good about themselves and to also have confidence and a reason to go workout and spend time with each other.

“Just come and try and know that we’re going to support each other and laugh a lot…anyone and everyone is more than welcome to come,” Lulis said. “We’re really hoping to grow this club as quick as we can.”

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