Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company (Photo by Sarah Stevenson '19)
Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company

Photo by Sarah Stevenson '19

Best Coffee Shops in Detroit

February 26, 2017

As there are many coffee shops scattered throughout Detroit, it’s hard to pick which ones are the best. For me, my favorites had similar qualities, but were also different in many aspects.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company.

My favorite coffee shop is Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company. It’s a perfect place to hang out with friends, study or do homework, or just go to relax. It’s quite large inside and has lots of seating– you can sit at the bar and there are also a ton of tables, so it’s not hard to find a seat.

They have a great selection of coffee, such as Bailout, Detroit French Roast, Corktown and many others. They serve several other beverages and pastries as well. The service is overall quick and there usually isn’t too much of a wait.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
Variety of pastries at Great Lakes Coffee.

If you’re not a huge coffee lover, Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company has many other selections, such as their hot chocolate. It has the perfect balance of sweetness, but is not overwhelming. Their hot chocolate was by far one of the best I’ve ever had.

In the front, the coffee shop has an area where you can buy merchandise and also coffee grounds and other packaged beverages as well.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
Great Lakes Coffee also sells sweatshirts, coffee grounds and beverages.

Overall, Great Lakes Coffee is relaxed and has a great atmosphere. It is located on Woodward Avenue and is open every day of the week.

My second favorite coffee shop is Astro Coffee. It’s not as big inside as Great Lakes is, but it still is a great coffee shop. They have cute murals and hanging plants on the walls.

This shop has more than just coffee as well, and it is a cute little place to spend an afternoon with friends or family. There isn’t a ton of seating due to the size of the shop, but there is definitely enough where you shouldn’t be standing.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
Astro Coffee also sells homemade pastries.

The wait is not long and everything they serve is fresh. The coffee is great at Astro Coffee as well and if you like espresso, I recommend theirs. In addition to the coffee, they also have teas, such as the “Worker’s Tea”, which I honestly think is perfect for anyone.Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19

Everything served at Astro Coffee is quite pretty and the atmosphere in there is great as well. It’s a great place to go and take some pictures or just hang out.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
Astro Coffee has a variety of coffee, espresso and tea to choose from.

Astro Coffee is located on Michigan Avenue and is closed on Mondays. Overall, I recommend Astro Coffee to everyone and think it’s a great little coffee shop.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
Astro Coffee is a small cafe located on Michigan Ave. in Corktown, Detroit.

My third favorite coffee shop would have to be Anthology Coffee. It’s very simplistic and subtle, but is still really cool inside.

Anthology Coffee in Detroit.

The coffee is amazing and is dripped right in front of you. Although the coffee is good, it does take a while for them to make it. However, it’s not a super long wait and they have other pastries that you can have in the meantime.

I recommend trying their Nyangwe Coffee, which is super fresh and perfect for anyone. It’s really cool and fun to watch the way that they make it, also.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
A barista showing customers how they make coffee at Anthology Coffee.

The coffee shop itself is quite big, but doesn’t have a ton of seating. It was quiet when I went so there was enough seating, but if it was any busier, there would not have been enough.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
Anthology Coffee in Detroit.

The atmosphere in the shop is relaxed and they play fantastic music as well. There are large murals right outside the shop, which offer great picture opportunities.

Photo by Sarah Stevenson ’19
Murals outside Anthology Coffee in Detroit.

Anthology Coffee is located on Vermont Street and is closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, Astro Coffee and Anthology Coffee are three of my favorite coffee shops that I would recommend for anyone.

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