Garrido’s bistro review

Garrido’s on Mack Avenue has recently become a Grosse Pointe hotspot, offering next-level hot chocolates and Latin inspired food.

Photo by Claire Koeppen ’19
Garrido’s modern European hot chocolate.

The business has been open for about a year and a half, and I was interested in going to the restaurant after seeing the hot chocolate creations and wanted to try food that was different from any other Grosse Pointe eatery.

Vanessa Gonzalez, manager of Garrido’s, says there are a variety of items on the menu that are popular.

“The arepas, paella, Peruvian stir fry sandwiches, and over the top hot chocolate (are some of the most popular items).” Gonzalez said.

Photo by Claire Koeppen ’19.
Garrido’s Arepa.

We went early on a Sunday morning, so the restaurant was not too busy when I visited. Because of this, we were able to seat ourselves at our preferred table. Right away, a friendly waitress greeted us warmly and brought us water.

Next, we ordered our meals. I ordered the mocha cocoa, and split a beef arepa. I’d never tried an arepa before, but it seemed intriguing.

While waiting for our meal, I noticed the atmosphere in the restaurant. By each table, there is art for sale, and the bistro is comforting and modern, while music plays in the background. The eatery is small, which offers a nice cozy feel.

Art for sale at Garrido’s Bistro and Pastry.

It did not take long for our meal and the hot chocolate to arrive. The arepa was delicious and warm, and it wasn’t like anything I had ever had before. The hot chocolate was huge, with a mountain of whipped cream, a donut, wafers, marshmallows, and chocolate sauce on top.

The hot chocolate itself wasn’t overly sweet, which I liked. It balanced out the rest of the order very well. I would say this is a must try item, along with the arepa. However, make sure you know the pricing, because the hot chocolate costs about ten dollars or more, based on what kind you order.  It was well worth the price and was a nice treat.

I would definitely go back to Garrido’s, and I would recommend trying the takeout menu if you don’t want to dine inside the cafe. It’s a unique restaurant with a great atmosphere and friendly staff, not to mention unique and delicious food.