Class of 2019’s cookie gram fundraiser was a success


Photo by Ariana Chengges

A candy gram. The class of 2019 has been selling these for the past several days to raise money for the sophomore class.

The Grosse Pointe South sophomore class has created a fundraiser to spread some spirit and raise money to benefit the class of 2019.

For the past week at both lunches, there has been a table set up in the main hall where heart-shaped sugar cookies have been sold for a dollar.

Anyone can purchase one, and students can send a note along with their cookie.

The grams were distributed during third hour on Tuesday, Feb. 14, which is Valentine’s day.

“We did a fundraiser similar to this one at Christmas time with candy cane grams, and it went well, so we decided to do another for Valentine’s day with heart-shaped sugar cookies,” Amy Ellis, 2019 class president, said.

The proceeds of the fundraiser will all go towards future events for the class of 2019. Mostly prom, but for other activities as well, Ellis said.

“One of the main reasons we fundraise is to help prepare to offset costs for prom, because prom is expensive, and we always like to keep the prices of tickets lower, so we cover that,” Marianne Modlin, sophomore class advisor, said.

Profits will also be going towards the legacy gift that the grade will leave behind when the students graduate. They will then donate a certain amount of money to the school to purchase something in remembrance of their class. It is used for occasions such as conferences that students participate in and the future reunion as well, according to Modlin.

“Sales have been going really well so far, we have sold a lot of cookie grams. Our overall goal is to provide the best prom possible for the class of 2019,” Jack Bellamy, 2019 class ambassador said.

Any leftover cookies will be available for students to buy at lunch after Valentine’s day for the same price.

“The students are making the cookies from scratch, and they are delicious. Its for a good cause, and we are excited we can do this because the kids have fun and it is a great fundraiser,” Modlin said.