The boys varsity swimming team took part in their annual college meet scrimmage.

According to Eric Gunderson, the head coach, the scrimmage serves primarily to give the swimmers a chance to participate in college level events that otherwise they would not get experience in.

Assistant coach, Greg Wolff, said that swimmers do have the option of listing the time in the meet as experience in these events which could possibly aid in college recruiting, as they might not otherwise have any time to list from the events at this meet.

Gunderson mentioned that one of the main purposes that this meet has, besides the extra experience in college level events, is the chance to break up the training over the break and do something a little different.

“Although we are swimming against another team and we’re usually swimming against two other teams, it’s more of a practice than a meet,” AJ Rizer ‘18 said, “It’s more like a ‘get ready for college’ meet.”

Some of these events that swimmers, for the most part, don’t experience anywhere else at the high school level are the 25 freestyle (one length of the pool), or the 1000 freestyle which is twice as long as anything they would do in normal meets.

“We’re swimming college style events which is kind of good for some of our kids that don’t swim year round, don’t do the longer distance events,” Wolff said, “These are not normal high school events, but if they go off and swim college, these are the events that they swim in most of the meets.”

Photo by Conner McQueen '17
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