Geeky Gifts: presents nerds will love


"Ever Present" by JD Hancock on Flickr is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

There are lots of options to buy gifts for everyone on your list. A few ideas about how to buy for your nerdier friends are below.

Erica Fossee '19, Web Editor

Magazine subscription: a magazine subscription is the gift that keeps giving. There are many options depending on a person’s preference. National Geographic is great for geography, history,  and environment lovers. For those who are interested in the way the brain works, there is Psychology Today. Scientific American provides information on all the current scientific breakthroughs, as well as Popular Science. There are many different magazines that specialize in many parts of science, thus providing something for everybody.

Books: the bookstore is filled with books that will make any geek happy. Books about specific movie details are a great option if they have a favorite movie, such as Star Wars: Locations. If science is a more suitable topic then there are also many options. ASAP Science  answers crazy and hypothetical questions in a scientific manner that is sure to intrigue. From history to psychology, books cover so many different topics one can make the perfect gift.

Graphic tees: graphic tees are comfy, diverse, and inexpensive. There are many sales on graphic tees, such as 2 for $20 at Kohls. A graphic tee is great for someone who loves a certain band, movie, or character. Many tees also have cute science references, such as a shirt that spells “GENIUS” with elements. There are simple shirts and more complex shirts and can be found in many clothing stores.

Brain games: brain games are a great way for someone to workout their brain while having fun. There are many different platforms that offer brain games, from apps to puzzles. A set of wooden puzzles are inexpensive and come in many varieties, as do metal ring puzzles. The classic Rubix cube is a great gift for anybody and this brain teaser comes in more challenging versions that the original also. Phones are a basic part of many people’s lives and there are many brain game apps available such as Lumosity. Lumosity is a brain training apps that offers many different subscription options. Many people go to the gym to workout, but it is just as important to do brain workouts and these fun brain games make great gifts to any nerdy  friend.

Character apparel: Character apparel is a great way to incorporate a movie or topic into someone’s daily life. Gifts can range from chewbacca hats to superhero ornaments. For the person who loves coffee and science, a periodic table mug would serve as a great gift. If a friend is always complaining of having cold feet and hands get them a pair of star wars socks and gloves. To add some holiday spirit into a friend’s life a character ornament or science ornament.

Electronics: Technology is being updated constantly allowing for many new electronics. Drones are very popular, but some are very expensive. Luckily, mini drones also can fly and some can take videos, for a much lower price. Circuit boards are great for a friend interested in electrical engineering and microscope slides with prepared specimens are great for someone interested in biology.

Nerdy food: Everybody loves food, and geeky food gadgets are always a great gift. A #D pancake printer or a death star waffle iron will make sure any friend starts their day on a good note. To serve all the delicious holiday food everyone will be eating i eight sum pi plates will cause any mathematician to smile. Then when their sweet tooth kicks in, you can give them the perfect gift with some planet lollipops.