A Cleminson Christmas


Arianna Pagenette, Staff Writer

This years tree was coordinated by the Mothers Club decorating chair Amy Graham

Tree Theme: The ages of bronze and iron

  • Bronze Gold Spheres: Represent the global aspect of the age and metals of this period  
  • Small framed photos: Great philosophers, writers, mathematicians, political leaders. Also archeological finds from this period; clay cuneiform tablets, terracotta army and Mayan calendar
  • Copper and Gold glitter lyres: represent music and poetry  
  • Rolled scrolls tied with leather: advancement in writing, literature and medicine
  • Compass Protractors Numbers:  advancement of mathematical theory
  • Gold and copper hydrangeas and magnolias and deep burgundy poinsettias: bounty and beauty of the earth at the time
  • Copper and gold letters: Developement of the alphabet
  • Small scrolls with verses from the Vedas,Torah, Bible and Koran: Universal religions of the world  
  • Gold gilded millet and wheat: Development of agriculture
  • Ribbons in deep burgundy silk: Importance of silk as a trade and the silk road in China
  • Copper, bronze and gold glittered river grasses: Represent the Nile, Euphrates and the Yellow River