Healthy lifestyle and great taste

Caitlin Miller '18, Guest Writer

Image by Harper McClellan

Pressed juices. Healthy lifestyles. Great tastes. Locally pressed juices have added health benefits without the additional sugar according to J-House employee, David Roberts.

These drinks are sold at local stores with easy access for students at South.

“When you consume one of our juices you are essentially getting the best part of the actual fruit or vegetable that you’re having, you’re sort of having a concentration of all the nutrients,” Roberts said.

The Juices have many health benefits and can supply nutrients, while having a good,  sweet taste. Across Fisher Road, at J House, no sugar is added to the drinks– all juices are organic and raw and haven’t been through any processing.

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“It’s packed with nutrients that you would normally have to consume large amounts of vegetables to get (the same) amount of nutrients,””

— David Roberts

“They are real whole food as opposed to processed food, which, as you mentioned, might have sugar added and other stuff, which isn’t quite so good for your body,” Roberts said.

According to Roberts, “The Green Monster”, a customer gets half a banana, five strawberries, a handful of kale, a handful of spinach and a cucumber. This drink packs all the nutrients someone would want to get from the vegetable into one little cup and it tastes just as good as something with sugar.

“It’s packed with nutrients that you would normally have to consume large amounts of vegetables to get (the same) amount of nutrients,” Roberts said.

According to Roberts, the store is packed during lunch.

Students can get smoothies and juices with the most popular drinks among the students at lunch were the “Green Monster” and “Monkey Business” according to Roberts.

“The Flat Belly is my favorite. It has a great taste,” Julia Turnbull ‘18 said.

According to J-House, the price of a small juice is $6.50 and a large juice is $12. The smoothies ,on the other hand, have a price of $7.95.

“It is not an issue  that they’re priced higher, but I think that it is an issue for the people living in other low income neighborhoods because they don’t have the income to spend on that higher price,” Julia Rapai ’18 said.

Another establishment selling these organic juices is the Jungle Juice Bar in Grosse Pointe Park. It is located on Charlevoix, which is further away from South, but still an option.

Just like J-House, jungle Juice bar sells juices and smoothies that have many benefits for your body and health.

According to Jungle Juice, one of the most popular juices is a wheatgrass juice shot.

People like wheatgrass. We sell a lot of wheatgrass. It’s equivalent to two and a half pounds of green vegetables in a one ounce shot,” employee George Aknartoon said.

Photo by Harper McClellan

According to Jungle Juice, they do not use any added sugars, but they will use agave if something needs to be sweetened. The juices are dairy free as well and customers can mix up the flavors.

“Our base drink is $6 and you get three items (fruits/vegetables) and it is 75 cents for any additional items,” Aknartoon said.

The two stores are similar and both offer many different healthy combinations.

“The two major things we sell here at J House Juice are juices and smoothies, both of which are phenomenal healthy options,” Roberts said.