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Science YouTube Channels

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YouTube is often seen as the platform to catch up on all the funny and trendy videos of the day, but YouTube is full of other videos and channels, specifically those about science. There are so many options that it is hard to know where to start watching, but the  channels below contain a diverse mix of topics and ways of presenting them and any of them will not only be knowledgeable, but also highly entertaining.


Each week a new and interesting science video is uploaded on AsapSCIENCE. Developed by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown in 2012, AsapSCIENCE answers questions like “What If The World Went Vegetarian?” and “Why Do We Yawn?” with fun drawings on a white board and explanations. Each video is short and easy to understand, and some even have songs to go along with them. Their uploads continue to entertain people’s curiosity.


 In a Nutshell is based in Munich, Germany and uploads videos every month that have a special design that makes learning about any science subject more understandable and visually appealing. Their videos range in length from five to ten minutes and their great graphics keep viewers intrigued and allow for a better understanding.


Simply described as having videos about numbers, Numberphile videos show viewers the many interesting aspects of mathematics like The Collatz Conjecture or The Josephus Problem. Numberphile is great for anybody who loves math and wants to hear about all of its tricks and secrets, but it is all about math so these videos are not suited for those who do not enjoy math. Each video on Numberphile’s channel will provide for interesting discussion topics with friends and some serious brain workouts.


Everyday life is filled with scientific phenomenons, many of which are discussed in videos uploaded on SciShow. These videos go beyond normal scientific constraints by delving into topics like “The Science of Dank Memes” with uploads everyday. Practically every area of science is covered, from biology to chemistry to botany. Even those who dislike science will still find these videos interesting. The science of many topics is used to explain basic occurrences in life without delving to much into the details.


Many different topics come together in CrashCourse, but the science focused videos are particularly beneficial to students taking science courses. CrashCourse videos give overviews of all different types of topics like cellular respiration and redox reactions that have the correct diagrams and explanations to cement-in concepts learned at school. CrashCourse is straightforward science that is great for reviewing, but can also be fun  just to watch.

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Science YouTube Channels