Missy Millenbach ’17, talented artist

Missy Millenbach ‘17 has won multiple awards for various art contests.  She said the first award she won was for her picture of a garden that won a contest in the Grosse Pointe News when she was in the fourth grade.  

Since then, she has won the “Designer’s Best of Show- Traditional” award for the 2015 North American International Auto Show Poster Contest 2015, taken second place in the 2013 Arson Awareness Poster Contest, first place in Kroger’s “I Can Make History” contest 2014 in the art category, has won a few awards at Art Fest, and won the Mother’s Club Christmas Card Contest.

Of all these awards, Millenbach said she is most proud of the Auto Show award.

“The Auto show award was my biggest accomplishment,” Millenbach said. “It was the biggest contest I entered artwork in so it was a big deal to win.”

Millenbach said the types of art she does is mainly drawing with watercolors or paint.

She said she showed an interest in art from a very young age.  “I was always drawing but discovered my talent in elementary school,” Millenbach said.

Millenbach said the inspiration for her drawings comes mostly from the places that she has been to or the vacations she’s been on.

“I take a lot of pictures when I go on vacation, and I draw the pictures then. I like to base my art around things that I’ve seen,” Millenbach said.

She said she chose to send in her drawings to these contests because her parents motivated her and because there was scholarship money or a cash prize.

According to Millenbach, the awards reassure her that she is doing a good job and that she is continuing to improve.

Millenbach has taken many art classes at South.  

“I’ve taken Drawing and Painting I, II, and III over the course of these three years,” Millenbach said.

She said she mainly works on her drawings in class, and but occasionally takes them out of class in order to put more effort into the posters she does.

“I’ll go one week where I’ll put in a ton of effort, like hours of drawing, and then I’ll just cut weeks off,” Millenbach said.  

Millenbach said she is influenced mainly by her parents, when it comes to the posters and the different contests, but in school her art teachers and the different artists they show to the class inspire her as well to continue to succeed.  

Even with all the pressure to succeed academically, Millenbach said it isn’t very hard to balance this with her art because drawing is very stress relieving for her.  

Millenbach said she believes she will continue doing art in the future.

“Art won’t be my main focus always, but I think I’ll keep drawing always,” Millenbach said.