Morning vs night workouts

By Abigail Warren’16 | Staff Writer


Helps you stay consistent:

One of the biggest excuses for skipping a workout is that people don’t have time to workout as the day goes on and more things come up. But, when you get up before your day really even starts, there are no excuses. If you wake up early before work or school it may take a cup of coffee to get you going but, once you’re feeling more awake, there are no distractions. Although it may be hard the first week of waking up an extra hour early, your body will get used to it. And once it does, it will become a routine. It will then come natural habit in your lifestyle. Working out in the morning will lead you to a more regular, consistent  working out schedule and will cause you to have less of a want of skipping your workout.

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Your body is rested:

When you’re asleep, your body takes that time to recover and replenish itself from the long, working day you had. While sleeping, you’re also fasting. This fasting is in direct correlation with the muscle recovery process. So, in the morning your body and muscles will be set for another workout. Also, sleep is a time where energy is being stored and re-stocked. So, the next morning when you’re ready to hit the gym, not only will your muscles be restored but your energy levels and mental awareness as a whole will be back in tact as well.


Your metabolism gets a boost:

When exercising, your body is vigorously using your muscles which leads to burning more calories because your muscles need more fuel. When your workout is completed your body goes into recovery mode. The harder your workout is, the longer it takes for your body to repair. During the recovery your body is still continuing to burn calories. Truly, whenever you workout, you will increase your metabolism. But, when you workout in the morning, your metabolism will get a kick start that will last you the rest of the day.The best type of  workout in the morning that will increase your metabolism rate is a high-intensity interval training.IMG_0710

You’re running on less fuel:

This con of working out mostly affect the people who don’t eat breakfast in the morning or in general just are not morning people . If you find yourself to be one of these two people are even a culprit of both, morning workouts will definitely come as a negative to you. When you’re fasting from 8-10 hours the night before and then don’t re-fuel your body with food, you won’t have enough energy to actually hold you through an intense workout. Also, some of us just purely are not morning people. No matter how hard we try to be, we are sluggish. This also puts damper on your workout and your workout will not be completed the way it should be.IMG_0711

Bigger risk of Injury:

Going off of what was talked about above, people who aren’t necessarily morning people tend to being a little more gumpy and may find themselves tripping or making mistakes more than usual. So when you combine this unbalanced, unstable mindset with working out, most of the time it will end badly. People are more likely to get injured during their workouts in the morning due to the fact that sometimes people are not fully awake and aware as they would be if they worked out later in the day.



Less crowded:

Although this pro of working out at night is not directly related to the functioning of the body, it is definitely a plus. When going to gym in the morning, you will be sure to find yourself surrounded by all the different  people trying to get the workout in before work. Gyms can get crowded and you can get overwhelmed very easily. Not only in the morning are gyms packed but also on the roads many people are out for their daily walks and runs. Even though it’s more space than a gym, it can still get crowded and annoying. However, at night these places tend to be much less crowded. More machines open, more weights ready to use, and more roads to be ran.

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It can help you distress:

If you’re having a rough day, whether that’s drama between friends at school or a family fight at home,one of the best ways to relieve stress is by exercising. While working out, you are able to take out all of your emotions and feelings out through your body. When you workout in the morning you are much more relaxed and laid back due to the fact that it is not that likely for too many stressful moments to occur between waking up and your morning workout. But, when you workout at the end of the day, there is a much better chance that your day was filled with drama and stress. So, having a workout at the end of the day gives you the opportunity to let go of some of that stress you’ve been carrying and further on into the night with a better mood.IMG_0715

Sleep deprivation:

This is one of the top issues with working out close to your bed time. Many people complain that when they work out at night, there sleep is affected very negatively. Working out increases your adrenaline. When your adrenaline increases, your body starts sending signals to wake up to your muscles as well as your mind. When this adrenaline is pumping through your bloodstream, your body is getting more and more amped. This effect of working out is great for the morning. But when you work out at night, and then try and go to bed a couple hours later, your body then becomes confused.FullSizeRender (15)

Lack of motivation:

Another major downfall about working out at night is that it is a lot easier  to make up excuses to skip a workout. As the day goes on, excuses and distractions come at you left and right. After you get done with work or school, the only thing you really want to do is come home and relax. Not go get your sweat on and bust out a workout. Working out at night is a much harder goal to follow than getting it over and done with in the morning.IMG_0718