South students, electives set up students for success


Cartoon by Abby Ferry ’16

The opportunity for success provided by South is evident in its high ranking, extracurricular activities and passionate teachers. With a wide range of resources available, students who want to can reach a high level of achievement This is apparent in the notable alumni. From professional athletes to entrepreneurs, the environment at South creates a place that allows students to follow their passions when used effectively.

Rigorous course work, including a variety of AP classes and intriguing electives provide students with an education that allows the opportunity for academic and individual growth when used to the full potential. Over 70 clubs allow students to extend their education beyond the walls of the typical classroom structure. Clubs and activities including Makerspace, Robotics and Young Americans for Freedom put students in leadership positions and allow them to take charge of their education.  

Entrepreneurs like Tony Fadell, also knows as “one of the fathers of the iPod” was a South graduate who went on to create amazing advancements in technology. In high school he took a summer programming class that introduced him to the world of technology.

Fadell took advantage of the opportunities handed to him and went on to do great things. The environment provided by South places opportunity like this at students’ fingertips. Teachers encourage students to reach their full potential by referring them to various summer and afterschool programs.

In addition to education, athletes at South thrive thanks to the hard-work mentality instilled in the classroom and on the field. Various professional athletes have been bred on the fields of South including baseball player Chris Getz who played for the Kansas City Royals and Toronto Blue Jays. Cheering on the athletes is a community that supports the success of its students.

The drama department has also experienced great success. Yearly musicals put on at the level of some Broadway shows demonstrate the emphasis on hard work and dedication in all aspects. The choir, band and orchestra all have earned top honors at competitions whether as individual students or as a whole. Several actors have gone through the South drama department and gone on to be in popular television shows including  Lisa LoCicero in General Hospital and Edward Herrmann in Gilmore Girls.

Photography and the arts is another department that creates an environment for success at South. Those wishing to pursue careers in various arts including photography, sculpting and painting can begin their journey in the art studios that are funded more than many other schools.

Behind every club is an adviser who sacrifices their time to build up the passions of students and behind every student is the school pushing students to success and to try their best.

Not every student, however, is gifted in an area that can be measured by awards or test scores. Respect is something that helps boost students in their journey to success and respect is something that is highly emphasised at South. Our school has a history of taking students and building them into well-rounded individuals who are ready for the next chapter of their life which for most is higher education at the collegiate level.

If a course is not offered at South, students have the chance to take it online as an independent study. This course is paid for by the school and allows for even more diversity in student curriculums.

From extracurricular activities to fundamental personal values, the environment at South provides opportunity for students to make great advancements towards a successful future.