Top 10: Halloween movies


Photo courtesy of "The Shining" official Facebook

By Lily Patterson ’16 | Staff Writer

10. The Exorcist

“The Exorcist” is a must-see. We have all heard stories from our parents about how horrified they were when they first saw this film. It was considered the scariest movie of all time and is both intriguing and frightening. This movie features many iconic moments that linger in the viewer’s mind long after it’s over. You can’t look away as the possessed young Reagan’s head spins completely around and the priest screams “the power of Christ compels you”. It’s easy to see how terrifying this movie would have been when it first came out and all the special effects were new and realistic seeming. However, these once revolutionary special effects now pale in comparison to those used in modern films. Although this movie is not nearly as frightening to our generations as it was to those before us, it is still a great classic horror film that is sure to entertain.



  1. The Sixth Sense

Although “The Sixth Sense” may not fall into the same category as modern day horror movies, its creepy and engaging plot makes it a perfect movie to get into the spirit of Halloween. What this movie lacks in horror and shock, it makes up for in its unique and enthralling storyline. The viewer can’t help but be pulled in when a terrified young boy declares “I see dead people”. This film’s shocking ending coupled with its unique use of visual cues make it nearly impossible to look away.



  1. The Blair Witch Project

This home movie style film was the source of much commotion when it was first released in 1999. People were told that the film was the footage found on the camera of three film students who had mysteriously disappeared. The idea that this fairly unremarkable home movie style footage was actually real created a genuine feeling of fear surrounding the movie. However, once it was released that all of it was fake, people saw the movie for what it really was: a suspenseful yet somewhat bland horror film.



  1. The Haunting in Connecticut

The typical “family moves into a haunted house” storyline takes on a new twist when the horrors that took place in the home’s basement are slowly revealed. “The Haunting in Connecticut” flawlessly intertwines the chilling events occurring currently in the house with those that occurred in the past. The creepy plot combined with the film’s use of shock horror make the viewer’s heart race for the full 92 minutes.



  1. The Omen

This classic 1976 horror movie still manages to scare and entertain years after its release. After a number of mysterious deaths, an American diplomat begins to believe his adopted son might be the reincarnation of the devil himself. This eerie and suspenseful movie keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, waiting to see what terrible thing is around the corner. Although the film quality  of “The Omen” is clearly dated, it still manages to provide as much horror and entertainment as it did when it was first released.



  1. Insidious

When their son falls from a ladder and is unable to wake up, strange things start happening to a seemingly normal family. The family must wonder if the paranormal events that are occurring are stemming from their house or are somehow connected to their comatose son. The unique plot holds the viewer’s interest, and the mix of suspense and startling moments make you jump out of your seat. “Insidious” is a good mix of a fun and frightening watch.



  1. The Conjuring

When a family moves into a new farmhouse, strange things begin to happen. Disturbed by the continuous paranormal activity, the family contact investigators who uncover the house’s dark history. This movie incorporates various aspects of many other horror films. Between possession, murder, spirits, and an array of ghostly phenomenon, there is something to keep everyone interested.



  1. Sinister

Dark secrets are uncovered when a writer and his family move into a new house. The unsolved murders that took place on the property were all caught on video, and the tapes are still within the house. The incorporation of this video footage into the film as a whole make it that much more frightening. The suspense of the film keeps the viewer on edge while the clips of footage found in the house completely shock and horrify them. These are two of the most important aspects of a horror film, and “Sinister” incorporates both. Although this movie is sure to scare the viewer while they watch, this feeling barely lasts through the credits.



  1. The Silence of the Lambs

Although this film may not be considered shocking or horrifying, it is hard to find a movie with a creepier, more eerie tone lasting all 118 minutes. In an attempt to catch a serial killer running rampant, an FBI cadet enlists the help of a convicted murderer: Hannibal Lecter. Dr. Lecter’s incredible intelligence and tactics of manipulation create a unique and enthralling dynamic. You can’t take your eyes off the genius killer as he manipulates everyone around him. There is no shock or gore, but “The Silence of the Lambs” doesn’t need either. The plot and acting alone can send a chill through the viewer as they are dragged into Hannibal Lecter’s game.



  1. The Shining

“The Shining” is a classic horror movie if there ever was one. Strange things start happening when Jack Torrance agrees to be the winter caretaker at a hotel and brings his family with him. The solitude had really gotten to the past caretaker who brutally murdered his wife and two daughters, and as strange things keep occurring, it appears as though the Torrance family might have the same fate. The cinematography and musical score are what really set this film apart. The image of a young boy riding his tricycle down the halls of the empty hotel paired with the unique score create the eerie, suspenseful feel “The Shining” is known for.



Bonus: Halloweentown

If you’re not a fan of scary movies, there is always the Disney classic, “Halloweentown”. Many of us remember this movie from when it would air on Disney Channel in October along with its three sequels. Although this movie might not be critically acclaimed, it is guaranteed to entertain. Whether it’s the movie’s plot or the childhood memories it brings back, you can’t go wrong with this blast from the past.