Sophomore runs first marathon alongside teachers, classmates


By Ginny Hayden ’15 | Staff Writer

Running on fumes of excitement and adrenaline, Lauren Riley ’16 crossed the finish line of the Lansing marathon in five hours and thirty-two minutes.

“It was such an incredible feeling to see that finish line,” said Riley. “Everyone was hugging me and cheering me on as I got my medal.”

Trainer and good friend, Jeannie Wilcox told Riley that her training and hard work was incredible giving Riley the idea to have her friends all wear matching t-shirts as, “The Incredibles.”

“For her friends to give up an entire Sunday to run with Lauren was unbelievable,” said English teacher Nick Provenzano. “And as far as me and Ms. Rabidoux, it was worth every second to do something great with someone like Lauren.”

The relay team running along side Riley started with Provenzano and included Matt Gross ’16, Griffin Murray ’16, Rabidoux, Miranda Barry ’16, Ella Cost ’16, and Wilcox.  Running with her friends made the marathon enjoyable and Riley is thankful for their  support, she said.

“My legs really started to hurt once I reached mile 21 and 22,” said Riley. “It was really nice to hear Miranda read me the tweets that Mr. Provenzano started with the hashtag ‘runwithriley’. They were all so positive and really motivated me to keep going.”

Provenzano posted on his website the #runwithriley and tweeted it out so Riley could see all the support and admiration people felt towards her accomplishment.

“It was indescribable how awesome that moment felt to share with her,” said Barry. “You could tell she felt invincible.”

Back to doing homework and working, Riley will have a little more time on her hands than before. However, not much free time as she will soon begin training for the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October.

Rabidoux proudly told Riley that over the course of her entire training process, she had run over 475 miles. You could see how hard she had worked and how amazing she felt to complete the race, Barry said.

“It was inspiring to see someone train for literally an entire year and see them cross that finish line,” said Provenzano. “To see the accomplishment on her face was truly…incredible.”