Harry Potter takes flight, soars to high expectations

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
By: Somers Brush ’12 and Charlotte Burns ’12, Staff Writers


“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One” brings grief, triumph, defeat, and agony into one thrilling tale. One moment, the audience is left doubling over in laughter, and then the next cowering in fear. The journey to finding the Horcruxes that will ultimately result in the destruction of Lord Voldemort results in Ron, Hermione and Harry finding themselves along the way.

What makes this movie so entertaining is the development of its characters. Because of their isolation in search for the Horcruxes, Ron and Hermione’s characters are developed extensively, and we see different sides of them. As the wizarding world becomes more and more dangerous,  dark sides that were never really seen before come out, especially in Ron.

The special effects greatly add to the fear instilled upon the audience. Death Eaters, dementors and You-Know-Who himself add terror to the movie, and the special effects make it that much scarier. The wizarding world comes alive in this installment, with the magic appearing more realistic and more vivid than ever.

Although the movie was split up into two parts, it is clear there was still too much content to fit it all into Part One. Harry Potter readers might cringe slightly with a few of the small changes made, but overall, the movie stayed true to the book. The split was a good choice.

Overall, this movie earned four stars out of four, due to its integrity to the book, its connection on a deeper level with the characters and the atmosphere that was created through Harry’s Journey.

The one true disappointment will come when the movie ends, with the realization that it is all over and that one will have to wait until July for the next and final installment in the epic tale of Harry Potter.

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