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Review: Fable 3

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By: Walter Bridgforth ’11, Staff Writer

[Rating: 4/5]

Can “Fable” Lead Designer Peter Molyneux finally deliver on his promises of a truly brilliant game rather than spewing out ludicrous hyperboles and raising the bar to an unattainable height as he did with Fable 1 and 2? While it may not be groundbreaking, “Fable 3” does its part of pleasing its core audience as a charming experience. Regardless of whether the game lives up to the hype Molyneux bestowed upon it, the final product is still a sweet one

Courtesy of As players will discover in Fable 3, there are other alternatives to reach a solution for those not fond of diplomacy.

Like its predecessor, “Fable 3” is a role-playing game at its heart and is set 50 years after the events of Fable 2, focusing not only on the hero vanquishing his or her foe, but also on the events that transpire after the player has firmly asserted his or her claim to the throne as king or queen. While a lot of the features from Fable 2 have returned, the entire experience has been streamlined with one of the more notable changes being the more elaborate combat system. With superior animations and more bravado-filled moments, Fable 3 has a more polished shine to its fighting as combat was never a strong suit of past Fable games.

True to its roots as an RPG,  the game gives you countless choices that will have an impact on your character and his or her surroundings, including the very world the character is located in. As usual, you may choose to play as a male or female hero, the child of the previous Fable 2’s hero king or queen. The game’s structure and storyline are amped up from the simplicity of the last one.  Additionally, the game features many side quests for players to partake in, which serve as a nice distraction from the main storyline that will keep anyone busy for a substantial amount of time.

Along with the new fighting scheme, special weapon and armor choices have been updated. Instead of upgrading weapons through augments, you upgrade them through either fulfilling specific requirements or changing and upgrading based on use.  While Fable 2 rewarded players based on how they played, Fable 3 rewards players with Guild Seals based on everything they do. The new Guild Seals allow you to buy expressions and new powers which will let your character in progress in the world of Albion.

The actual quests performed this time around are also more exciting with lots of humor and fantasy elements added in the mix, allowing players to search caves for missing people, hunting for mystical books, or investigating a ghost town.

Courtesy of Unlike previous Fable games, this time, players get to step into the shoes of a king or queen.

On the visual side of things. this is a gorgeous game to look at as the architecture and design of the world is beautifully crafted. Unfortunately, the visuals are somewhat brought down by the frequent hiccups and visual bugs that occur on-screen. Players should expect to find themselves walking through dogs and walls at several points throughout the game, which only serves to be of great nuisance.

The biggest difference is the new co-op, if you have Xbox Live, the new feature gives you a chance to link up with a fellow gamer and get a chance to see inside their world, which will be different depending on the choices they have made within the campaign.

Overall, Lionhead Studios has lived up to the expectations of the masses with this new  installment of the famed Fable series and the despite some bugs and inconsistencies, the lively fantasy-like world should keep players coming back for plenty of hours.

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Review: Fable 3