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Fall Premieres: Returning Dramas

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KELLY CULLEN ’13| Staff Writer

“Desperate Housewives”: B-

Desp Hswives

Desperately waiting for the final season of “Desperate Housewives,” it has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. For the loyal viewers who have been watching this series since season one, there were high expectations for the premiere of the eighth season.

“Desperate Housewives” over the years has brought such entertainment for its viewers with its juicy non-stop story line. Living in a suburban neighborhood, this drama series follows a group of four best friends in their 40s. The four women of Wisteria Lane include Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman), Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross) and Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria).

From the outside, these women seem to have perfect lives, but that’s not the truth at all. The plot thickens as nerves unravel as there are always new murders on their street, mysteries and ulterior motives.

So far, “Desperate Housewives” is off to a rough start. In the previous season, Gabriella Solis was terrified to find her abusive stepfather in her home. When he tried coming near her, her husband came to the rescue and saved her, but ended up killing him. Terrified of what would happen next, they decided not to tell anyone and hide his body.

Gabriella’s three best friends arrived shortly after the accidental killing, when they walked in and witnessed Gabriella and her husband Carlos dragging a man’s dead body. After hearing their best friend so worried for her husband and shaken up over the whole thing, they decided to stick together and keep it a secret.

This episode was very unrealistic. They should have called the cops and called it a day, considering it was self defense. Hopefully, the final season will improve and continue the quality of the first seven. Tune in Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.


  “Gossip Girl”: A
Gossip Girl 

Gossip, drama, betrayal, jealousy, sex and relationships are all of the themes in the hit show “Gossip Girl.”  Returning for its fifth season on Sept. 26,the viewers get ready for another promising season.

“Gossip Girl” follows the lives of wealthy teenagers living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  These teenagers are used to getting whatever they want, and doing whatever it takes to make sure it happens.  The premiere, “Yes, Then Zero” cleared up any confusion from the previous season.

The “it girl” Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) known as the beautiful blonde with a bit of a wild side, turns her party lifestyle around and peruses a career as a PA on the set of a Hollywood movie.  As usual, her job comes natural to her ( as everything else does). 

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) plays Serena’s best friend and partner in crime.  With her biggest motive being revenge, Blair gets ready to settle down with her newfound love Price Louis’.  Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) known as the bad boy tries to accept letting Blair, the love of his life, go to ensure her happiness.  Meanwhile, Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) is busy trying to find himself.

As always, “Gossip Girl” had a phenomenal premiere for season five.  This show always does a great job of keeping its viewers on the edge of their seats and making sure that there is never a dull moment.  Much drama will follow and the love triangles will grow even deeper.  Overall, with some of the characters in a new location, it brings many new interesting story lines and much drama to follow. 

“Gossip Girl” is defiantly going to be a hit this year and a few episodes deep it is already off to a very exciting and scandalous start. 

“House”: A-


The medical drama series “House” returned for its season 8 premiere on Monday, Oct.  3 at 9 p.m. on Fox.  This series has done so well over the years and so many people tune in every Monday to watch the drama-based series. 

The main character, Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) is the doctor that is always on the viewers’ mind’.  He is a medical genius who leads a team of diagnosticians.  Fans all over enjoy this show, and the finale of season 7 left many viewers on the edge.  The season ended with House crashing his car into the house of his boss and one-time girlfriend, Cuddy. 

This season’s premiere started with the doc in jail, eight months into his sentence, and getting ready for his release in five days.  House accepted the consequences of his action and did not try to get a lawyer to help him out of it.   

The episode title, “Twenty Vicodin,” raps up a majority of the episode’s content.  House has a task he must complete before he leaves jail, or else he will be in big trouble.  He must deliver 20 vicodin to a head of a gang in order to ensure his safety.

“House” had a strong premiere with an interesting story line. “House” always does a great job of pleasing its viewers, and there is no doubt in my mind that will continue that trend though the new season.

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Fall Premieres: Returning Dramas