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Fall Premieres: Brand New Shows

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Colleen Martin ’12 | Staff Writer


“Prime Suspect” B-




Homicide. Kidnapping. Molesting. Suicide.

This detective show packs it all in each episode. Based off of a British mini-series, the new drama on NBC, “Prime Suspect”, premiered on Sept 22.

Maria Bello stars as Detective Jane Timoney, a tough homicide investigator working with all men in New York City. Called away from her boyfriend — a divorced father — she goes to work visiting crime scenes and dealing with her rude boss, Duffy, played by Brian O’Byrne. She tends to have an upper hand on cases by following her instincts rather than stereotyping criminals like her coworkers do. Although she seems hardened from her tough job, she still has compassion for the suspects, unlike her bitter boss who acts like the world revolves around him. Bold, confident, and clever, she easily steals the show.

Although “Prime Suspect” is a new fast-paced drama with a host of fresh faces, it fails to give a new twist on the life of investigators. It just blends in will the long list of crimes shows like Law and Order or CSI. Hopefully, the few fast action scenes will keep people hooked. If nothing else, the viewpoint of the only woman surrounded by arrogant men will keep it interesting. Tune in Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC to follow Detective Timoney on her crime-solving adventures.



“X-Factor” B+



Offering the largest prize in television history, a whopping $5 million dollar recording contract, this show means business. A step above “American Idol”, the “X-Factor” involves a four step process: auditions, boot camp, judges’ houses, and the live show. It has all the aspects of “American Idol”— Simon Cowell, ready to criticize, and people so delusional they believe they have talent. However, the “X-Factor” is open to a larger crowd, taking in auditions from people ages 12 and older and accepting group singers.

Cowell created the original “X-Factor” in the United Kingdom in 2004 and this fall he brought it to America on Fox. Judging alongside him are Paula Abdul, an Academy Award-winner; Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls; and L.A. Reid, a recording executive.

Upon first glance, this music competition show seems to be a simple spin off of the popular “American Idol”: a group of judges scouring the country for new talent. The auditions have ended, but the Oct. 5 episode was the beginning of boot camp. This is the second stage of the competition, and it brings a much needed twist to the usual competition.

The “X-Factor” could offer a lot to competitive television shows if it follows through with its individualities and does not become “American Idol” with a different name.  I recommend this new show because of its unique additions to the music competition category, upgrades from “American Idol” and of course the allure of Simon Cowell on his way to make or break the dreams of the contestants.

If you miss the boot camp and judges houses’ stages, make sure to watch Oct. 25 when the live show starts and listeners vote to narrow down the contestants. The excitement will most likely step up then, when emotions get high, and talent gets better.


“Revenge” A-


The young bachelorette Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp, recently moved back to the Hamptons where she grew up. Orphaned at a young age, she dedicated her life to tracking down the people who ruined her father’s life. An upper class social butterfly, she has traveled the world on her inheritance, building up her reputation and influence. Her old friend Nolan helps her financially ruin the lives of those who testified against her father ten years ago. Using frequent flashbacks, Emily’s childhood and the facts of her father’s scandal are explained a little more in each episode.

Josh Bowman plays Daniel Grayson, the first born of son of the prestigious Grayson family, neighbors of Emily. A flirtatious romance is blooming between Emily and Daniel, despite his parents who seem to have it in for Emily.

This sassy drama which draws on the problems of the upper class is sure to be a guilty pleasure for high school students. Emily brings well-educated, witty remarks as she gets revenge for her father’s demise. I recommend “Revenge” for those who want a good laugh about the problems of the wealthy and how Emily cleverly deceives her enemies. A bit dark, the end of the episode features Emily crossing off the name of the person she ruined that episode from a long list of people who destroyed her father’s career and life. Tune in Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC to see who she will avenge next.


What has been your favorite new fall show so far this fall?

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Fall Premieres: Brand New Shows