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‘Man on the Moon 2’ takes listeners deeper into the mind and life of the ‘Kid’

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By: Conor Buckley ’12, Copy Editor
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[Rating: 4.5/5]

All along, Kid Cudi was destined for greatness.

Scott Mescudi, known as Kid Cudi or by some fans as the Man on the Moon, burst out onto the stage with the release of his previous album, the “Man on the Moon: The End of Day.” The sequel, “Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of Mr. Rager” steps it up a notch.

Kid Cudi’s previous album related to fans by preaching about emotions, being himself, and not always being considered the “coolest,” which would go on to create a massive cult following. The album was meant to take fans into his dreams and nightmares; MOTM2 brings listeners into the real life of Kid Cudi.

Kid Cudi sticks to his story of being a misfit, but in MOTM2 he shows his transformation and explores the struggles he has been through.. MOTM2 has a unique sound quality, much like his debut album.

MOTM2 is broken up into “acts,” the first being called, “The World I Am Ruling,” which is about how he has set out on his mission to become one of the top musicians and his attempt to change the music industry. The two songs in this act are very upbeat with a fast tempo.

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All Along
These Worries (Feat Mary J. Blige)
Mr. Rager

Photo courtesy of Album art of Kid Cudi's "Man On The Moon 2."

Photo courtesy of Album art of Kid Cudi's "Man On The Moon 2."

The second act, “A Stronger Trip,” leads listeners into the mode of calm and relaxation. In this act, he tries to escape the pressures of everyday life. “A Stronger Trip” is very slow and calming, as portrayed in “We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up).” This section makes for very easy listening.

“Party On,” the third act, has listeners emerged into Kid Cudi’s partying. The beats in this act are faster, much like in the first act. Kid Cudi hits a home run with “Erase Me”, a rock-rap style song featuring Kanye West.

The next act, “The Transformation” follows Kid Cudi as he transforms into “Mr. Rager.” In this act, he re-embodies his former-self that of a cocaine addict. He describes his former addictions in “MANIAC!” and “These Worries”, which features Mary J. Blige. The eerie “Mr. Rager” steals the show in this act. Much like in MOTM, Kid Cudi claims to not find true happiness through all of his partying and his lifestyle. It is similar to his hit song from his previous album, “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Kid Cudi evolves into a new man during this act; it is all about his maturation.

The final act, “You Live and You Learn” follows Kid Cudi into “the morning after” of his wild days. He realizes that he is not happy and never will be. “All Along” describes this feeling and is a very slow song that is similar in message to MOTM “Solo Dolo.” This act is the true definition of who Kid Cudi is and it can be very dark, much like MOTM. The final act takes fans as close to understanding their beloved artist as they will come.

Overall, MOTM2 is about the man Kid Cudi was, is and the man he will become. The album follows his changes as a person. He finds this escape in his mind, as he points out in “You Live and You Learn.”

Kid Cudi’s MOTM2 is a piece of art – a unique and refreshing style from today’s typical album made up of singles mashed together. Assuredly, Kid Cudi learned this from his musical mentor Kanye West, who always tried to create a similar flow within his albums. This album proves that Kid Cudi continues to improve and build off of his unique sound. He delivers a smashing success in MOTM2.

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‘Man on the Moon 2’ takes listeners deeper into the mind and life of the ‘Kid’