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Science department offers “McGuire’s Minute” for succeeding on the ACT

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By Margaret Brennan ’13 | Staff Writer

In attempt to make students aware of the importance of standardized testing, the science department has developed a multi-media presentation demonstrating pre-test taking tips, science teacher Matt McGuire said. Working hand in hand with GPTV, the science department uses the school News station as their outlet to help students.

“We wanted to think up a way to make students aware of how important the ACT is, , and how students should prepare for it,” said McGuire.

“McGuire’s Minute” has been featured for the past two years on GPTV during the weeks prior to MME testing. Each segment touches base on different test taking skills and examples where Mr. McGuire quickly and accurately walks students through a practice question.  Other teachers, including Lisa Bouda and Shawn McNamara, within the science department have contributed with ideas and examples for the segment, according to McGuire.

“I watched ‘McGuire’s Minute’ last year when they aired it and paid attention just because I knew the tips could help with test taking in general, but this year I started to take the pre-testing studying more seriously.” said Samantha Ciaffone ’14 “When the segment airs I find myself paying even closer attention just in case questions featured might come up on the ACT or other standardized tests.”

Each department was in charge of coming up with their own way of incorporating ACT practice into their curriculum, so the science department decided on the videos and picked McGuire for his personality quirks, McGuire said.

“Personality is everything when it comes to presenting information that could be dry and technical. Mr. McGuire did a great job connecting to his audience. High school students sometime like to be entertained, while learning,” said Steve Geresy.

Other than just pre test-taking studying, McGuire has emphasized the importance of other techniques for getting the score that is desired such as get a good night sleep, and eat a good breakfast.

“Don’t pay attention to your friends who don’t take the test seriously,” said McGuire. “You can visit them when you come home from college.”

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Science department offers “McGuire’s Minute” for succeeding on the ACT