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Eight things to watch on Netflix over Mid-Winter break

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By Connor Gillooly ’14 | Staff Writer

Mid Winter Break has come once again, allowing students to sit back, relax, and watch Netflix all day long. If you’re searching the Netflix catalog for a good flick that compliments your microwave popcorn, look no further.


Movie: “Hot Rod”

Andy Samberg is hilarious. Two years after his first appearance on Saturday Night Live, Samberg starred in the 2007 film “Hot Rod”. This comedy follows self-proclaimed stuntman Ron Kimble as he prepares to impress his stepfather by jumping 15 buses on his moped. The movie is completed by the great supporting cast that does a great job with the ingenious script.

T.V. Series: “Workaholics”

Although Netflix only has Season 1 available to watch instantly, 10 episodes from debatably the best season of this hilarious Comedy Central series is sufficient. Adam, Blake and Anders are three college grads who despise their job at a telesales company. When the three roommates aren’t participating in shenanigans at the office, they’re partying in their southern Californian home.


Movie: “The King’s Speech”

This biographical drama has garnered multiple Academy Awards including Best Picture. Based on a true story, Britain’s King George IV seeks help for his embarrassing stutter from Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue. An inspiring plot combined with great cinematography makes for a great movie.


T.V. Series: “Breaking Bad”

Breaking Bad is by far one of the best television shows of all time. Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, is diagnosed with cancer and begins to cook crystal meth in an attempt to support his family. The series is extremely captivating and has the feel of an extremely long movie. All episodes through Season 4 are available on Netflix.


Movie: “Drive”

In “Drive”, Ryan Gosling plays the lead role of a soft-spoken hollywood stuntman and getaway driver. The movie has great fighting scenes without compromising the realism of the 2011 film.

Movie: “Limitless”

A struggling author, Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is stuck in rut and begins to use a new, revolutionary narcotic called NZT. With the help of NZT, Morra transforms himself into a successful millionaire and influential politician.


T.V. Series: “30 for 30: Unguarded”

ESPN Films continues its popular series “30 for 30” as this documentary chronicles the life of Chris Herren, an NBA star with a fierce drug addiction that eventually brings an end to his career. Today, Chris Herren is sober and shares his incredible story with a variety of audiences.

Movie: “The Secret”

Through recorded interviews with respected writers, scientists, and philosophers, this inspiring documentary reveals ‘the single most powerful law in the universe’. Although this might not be the most exciting visual media you have watched, it showcases a very interesting theory that provokes thought.

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Eight things to watch on Netflix over Mid-Winter break